Anatomy of a UTI


Most UTIs can be cured with 2 to 3 days of treatment. The bad news is that they may occur frequently in women.

Have Another Infection


Urinary tract infections (UTI) among women outnumber their counterparts by a large margin. The reason they are so femininely popular is partly anatomical and partly hygienic. Females have a shorter urinary tract than men and the urethra is in close proximity to anal Escherichia coli (E. coli). Rarely, UTIs can be due to viral or fungal infections.

An infection occurs when bacteria enters the urethra, con­ta­mina­ting the bladder (cystitis), and if unchecked, the kidneys (pyelonephritis). About 1 in 5 women experience a urinary tract infection, while some are plagued incessantly. As a woman, you may be predisposed to them. Before identifying ways to prevent UTIs, first isolate the individual symptoms and common ways to contract them.

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