What’s Shaking With Parkinson’s?

February 18, 2019
by Kevin RR Williams

Shaking is like lightening before thunder because neurological dysfunction commonly follows.

Developing Parkinson’s Disease

There are five primary motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: tremor, rigidity, brady­kinesia (slow movement), postural instability (balance problems), and walking/gait problems. The most obvious symptom of Parkinson’s disease is tremors—notably the hands, but also other parts of the body. For this reason, people may assume it is a musculo­skeletal disorder. Even if physicians prescribe anti-convulsive medications with a mild sedative, there are more symptoms to address down the road.

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Kevin Williams is a health advocate and writer of hundreds of articles for multiple websites, including: A Bit More Healthy, KevinMD, and Sue’s Nutrition Buzz.