Itching For a Cure


Is this an ongoing eczema or psoriasis flareup or do you notice lice, a flea, or mosquito bite?

Dermatological or Neuological Sensation


An acute irritating sensation in your skin could last a minute or longer. It can flare up on your arm, hand, leg, foot, neck, scalp, nose, torso, crotch, or any other part of your body. Chronic itch lasts more than six weeks. If your itch is frequent or ongoing, what do derma­tolo­gists recommend you try before making an appointment?

If possible, determine the cause of itching (pruritus). It is best to examine the area before scratching. Scratching alters appear­ance of the skin, can cause secondary infection and lead to post-resolution scarring. If you break the skin, apply an anti-bacterial ointment and cover area with a bandage.

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