Avoid Getting Chopped At Home


If your dish doesn’t cut it, you will be chopped.

Make Great Food in Little Time


Do you enjoy watching the American reality series called Chopped? In the Food Network show, four chefs face off in three 20- to 30-minute culinary entrée battles. At the end of each round, someone gets chopped (eliminated) by celebrity judges, leaving one chef as the Chopped champion.

The original series includes professional chef competitors. Special editions include cafeteria cooks, moms, or teams. Chopped Junior has aspiring children. Either way, the pace and and honorific title is the same.

Any hungry person who has come home to a pantry limited to dried Ramen noodles, green tomatoes, and yellow pound cake can appreciate the ingenuity of these chefs. Some viewers enjoy the expression of celebrity judges as they consume disgusting food combinations. If nothing else, the show inspires the belief that you can cook a hearty meal in 30 minutes at home.

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