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Reach Specific Audience

Hundreds of thousands visit ClinicalPosters annually. Health articles and the associated newsletter are called A Bit More Healthy. Authors and journalists have been searching for this news. Do you enjoy writing for an audience of health-conscious readers? We would love to see your work. The article you submit for A Bit More Healthy should relate to one of the follow­ing medical categories:

Cardiology, chiropractor, clinical science, cos­meto­logy, dentistry, dermato­logy, endo­crino­logy, educa­tion, fitness, gastro­entero­logy, geron­to­logy, immuno­logy, internist, neuro­logy, nutri­tion, ob-gyn, onco­logy, ortho­pe­dics, oto­laryn­go­logy, physio­therapy, podiatry, pul­mono­logy, rheuma­tology, uro­logy, or vision.

Something This Good Can Be Write

Advertorials are distin­guished by their commer­cial intent. Your gram­ma­tically-correct sub­mis­sion length of about 2000 words should be objective and informa­tive. It may high­light advantages of using the advertiser’s pro­duct or service and include a link to such. Like a guest article, the text appears indef­inite­ly without a monthly charge. There is a one-time fee. Any product claims must be substan­tiated and publi­ca­tion restricts conflicts of interest.

Perhaps you love to write and may even have a blog of your own. Inbound traffic and links to your website from other sources can improve your ranking. You may write and submit a Guest Article. There is usually no fee. We ask that you limit your grammatically-correct submission length to about 1000–2000 words to prevent a fee for editing and refor­mat­ting. List no more than five non-commercial links or references at the end of the article.

Want to get in on the action but don’t feel like writing? No judgment. We can match you up to an appro­priate article to sponsor one or more months. A link to your website landing page is provided as a byline at the beginning of the article. There is a monthly fee for sponsoring. Choose how you will get involved today.

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New articles are amplified on the ClinicalPosters social network and newsletters. Depending upon commer­cial intent, professional info­graphics supple­menting a textual article can be classi­fied as either Advertorials or Guest Articles.

Link Exchange?

There are periodic requests to add a reference link to an external article. The refer­ences that are visible below articles when logged in are source material for the main content. Append­ing articles with tangential post-publication references is counter­productive unless an article is being updated or re­written. Kindly consider one of the options above.

Are you looking for more promotional opportunities? Consider banner ads for one or more months. We recommend at least three months.