Your Taste and Smell Chart 20x26

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Taste the excitement of eager minds learning the step-by-step process in which we smell and taste from contact with the nose or tongue to the interaction with the brain. This beautiful otolaryngeal poster shows the anatomy of a "sniff" and shows the tongue up close with its bumps and buds. Get this medical poster for otolaryngologists and pediatricians doctors’ offices.

The Blueprint for Health poster collection is perfect for teaching human anatomy to kids. The 20" x 26" (51 x 66 cm) ENT anatomy poster describes several fun things to do at home or in the classroom that illustrate taste and smell. Interesting facts on the types of tongues and smelling mechanisms of several animals have been added. ©2003

  • Fun for 8–12 year old children
  • With hygienic satin UV lamination