Your Digestive System Chart 20x26


Order standard DeuPair Frames for posters
Order standard DeuPair Frames for posters

Feed children's imagination with this poster that illustrates the digestive system by showing a 12-step path of food from bite to "the end of the line," and includes the role of each major organ in the process. This is a chart children will enjoy in a home, classroom, or cafeteria as often as they eat.


Teeth and their role in the digestive process is explained along with proper brushing techniques. This vibrant 20" x 26" (51 x 66 cm) Blueprint for Health poster illustrates and describes the components of a healthy diet with a colorful chart and food pyramid. It includes answers to questions like "What is a burp?" and "Why do I throw up?" ©2003

  • Suitable for 8-12 year olds
  • Recommend hygienic satin UV lamination
  • Frames or grommets sold separately

Add grommets if necessary