Understanding the Teeth 22x28


Select oversize DeuPair Frame for poster
Select oversize DeuPair Frame for poster

This oversize 22" x 28" (56 x 71 cm) examination-room chart explains the four layers of a tooth, sequence of eruption, types and functions of teeth. Tooth development from deciduous dentition through adulthood is illustrate.


A large image with cutaway view depicts the anatomy of the lower mandible from the external tooth below the gumline. Various types of tooth decay include external decay, dentin decay, pulp inflammations, pulp death, abscess, and periodontal disease. Occlusion, overcrowding, underbite, and overbite are compared. ©2015

  • Third edition includes cutaway and internal views
  • Hygienic satin UV lamination recommended
  • Frames or grommets sold separately

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