Shoulder Joint with Rotator Cuff 5-Part Model


This 7.1 x 7.1 x 9.4 inch shoulder joint anatomy model consists of the upper half of the humerus, as well as the clavi­cle and scapula. Besides showing the muscula­ture of the rota­tor cuff, the shoulder joint model also shows the origin and inser­tion points of the shoulder muscles highlighted in color (origin = red, inser­tion points = blue). Depicted shoulder muscles that can be detached [A]:

  • M. subscapularis
  • M. supraspinatus
  • M. infraspinatus
  • M. teres minor

Upon detaching the indivi­dual muscles, all move­ments of the shoulder joint can be carried out, namely:

  • Abduction
  • Adduction
  • Inner rotation
  • Outer rotation
  • Raising the arms to the front of the body
  • Raising the arms to the back of the body
  • Raising the arms above the horizontal plane and “making circles with the arms”