Male 2-Part Pelvis with Ligaments Model

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This 7.5 x 11 x 9.6 inch two-part 3B Scientific® skeleton model is a natural cast of a male, bone pelvis. It shows all anatomical structures in detail: both hip bones, pubic symphysis, sacrum, and coccyx as well as the fifth lumbar vertebra with interverte­bral disc.

A median section has been placed through the fifth lumbar vertebra, the sacrum, and the coccyx, so that the pelvis, which is connected by practical magnets, can be split easily into sagittal regions. This means that part of the cauda equina is also visible in the verte­bral canal. [A]

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The model shows the following pelvis ligaments:

  1. Lig. inguinale
  2. Lig. sacro­tuberale
  3. Lig. sacro­spinale
  4. Lig. sacro­iliaca anteriora
  5. Lig. iliolum­bale
  6. Lig. longi­tudi­nale anterius
  7. Lig. Supra­spinale
  8. Lig. sacro­ilia­cum interos­seum
  9. Lig. sacro­ilia­cum posterius
  10. Lig. sacro­coccy­geum lateral
  11. Lig. sacro­coccy­geum posterius super­ficiale et profundum
  12. Membrana obtura­toria und Lig. lacunare.

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