Inside The Brain Chart 12x16


Download this 11.7" x 16.5" (29.7 x 41.9 cm) anatomy poster that features a large human brain drawing with associated labels and charts explaining how it works. Our brains contain some 86 billion neurons, or nerve cells, which communicate via junctions called synapses. At these junctions, neurons are just 20 nm apart. Inside each of our heads you’ll fi nd one brain, billions of neurons and trillions of synapses.


Big Picture is a free resource for teachers that explores issues around biology and medicine from Wellcome Trust Ltd. in England. (Resolution allows for poster to be printed at twice the size (24x34 inches). If reduced 83 percent, it will scale down to approximately 20 x 28.2 inches, which does not fit our standard frames. It may also be scaled down to fit on a standard sheet of office paper but text will not be legible. As a convenience, ClinicalPosters can print and laminate full-size poster.)

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