The Eye Laminated Chart 20x26

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Style: 2 Grommets


This vibrant 20" x 26" (51 x 66 cm) exam-room anatomy poster with grommets shows a cross section of The Eye. It also provides lateral and superior view of the eye and shows the visual field. Anterior chamber angle, eye­lashes, tear ducts, cornea, lens, retina, fun­dus and the macula lutea are illus­trated. Purchase this popular medical poster for doctors’ offices specializ­ing in optometry and ophthal­mo­lo­gy.

A good optome­trist provides more than issue eyeglass prescrip­tions. There's a concern for patients' overall eye health. When necessary, patients are referred to ophthal­mo­lo­gists. Published by Wolters Kluwer. ©2000

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  • Laminated with 2+ corner grommets