Extended-Use WK Chart License

$0 $100

License 20" x 26" (51 x 66 cm) anatomy posters/artwork for photography or usage other purposes beyond hanging on a wall. Examples include motion pictures, television series, instruction videos, or still photography shoots.

  • Low as $100 per chart for set dressing
  • Higher rate for specific chart content featured on‑screen or other purposes
  • Choose from over 200 poster titles
  • Fast turnaround usually within 72 hours
  • Wolters Kluwer Books Permission Request Form link provided immediately following checkout (charts with ISBN considered books)
  • Communicate directly with publisher for details

Manufacturers invest thousands of dollars in the development of artwork for each poster. Holding the copyrights, they profit by spreading development cost over distribution of printed posters to many customers. End users may sometimes license additional use such as for motion pictures or photography sets.

ClinicalPosters is a distributer of posters from multiple publishers. Each establishes their own fees based on usage. As a convince, this site includes links to information required to access extended use fees. With the exception of Wolters Kluwer, ClinicalPosters may broker the license.

DeuPair Frames are ideal for movie sets. Not only do they look great, content can be quickly changed without removing frame from wall for consistent lighting and continuity.

When you login with either a marketing, movie studio, photography, or attorney profession, an extra Extended Use button appears on poster product pages. It links to the page for the corresponding publisher.

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