Classic 3-Part Human Skull Model


This 7.9 x 5.3 x 6.1 inch three-part 3B Scientific® medical quality human skull replica anatomy model is a first choice for basic anatomical skeletal studies of the head. It also makes a great present for medical professionals and students of medi­cine and allied health professions. ClinicalPosters is your anatomical model supplier. [A]

  • High-quality original human skull cast
  • Handmade from hard, unbreakable plastic
  • Accurate fissures, foramina, processes, sutures etc.
  • Disassembled into skull cap, base and mandible
  • Spring-mounted mandible for natural move­ment
  • Each tooth indivi­dually cast for realis­tic dentition
  • Magnetic connections
  • Visualize dimensions in augmented reality


No need to download software. Full-size blue bounding box, rather than actual product is rendered. Currently, supports two platforms:

  • iPhone / iPad with iOS 12+
  • Android device with ARCore 1.9+ support

General steps to view dimensions in augmented reality, with device variance:

    1. Click link on compatible mobile device.
    2. Pan camera back and forth in well lit room until blue bounding box appears.
    3. With finger, drag blue bounding box into location.

    If computer does not support AR, you will see a QR code after clicking link. Scan the QR code with a compatible mobile device to view AR.