Elbow Joint with Removable Muscles 8-Part Model

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The 9.8 x 16.1 x 9.8 inch elbow joint anatomy model shows the right elbow of a male with indivi­dual muscles and the muscular origins and insertions on humerus, radius and ulna. The muscles can be attached to and removed from the corres­pond­ing areas of origin and insertion on this elbow joint for easy and fast demonstra­tion. For didac­tic reasons, the areas of the muscular origins and insertions are raised and color-coded. ClinicalPosters is your anatomical model supplier. [A]


This Elbow Model with removable muscles by 3B Scientific® is a great tool for student and patient education. The model is part of a high quality series of muscle models, and has been manufactured to replicate the anatomy of the human elbow joint in detail. The colors used for the muscles, joint and bone are very realistic, and only extremely durable and nonhazardous material of highest quality standards has been used throughout the production process.

  • Muscular origins and insertions are raised and color-coded
  • Removable parts: muscle layers can easily be taken off
  • Realistic coloring of bone and muscles
  • High quality material for a long lasting model

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