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Featured ClinicalPins

Jewelry Gift Ideas

Lapel pins and brooches make great gifts.


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Venus de Milo Statue Silver Lapel Pinmeta-Venus de Milo Actual Statue
Venus de Milo Statue Gold Lapel Pinmeta-Venus de Milo Actual Statue
Save $5.01
Gold Scissors Comb Lapel PinGold Scissors Comb Lapel Pin Size
Hairstylists Scissors Comb Gold Lapel Pin Sale price$19.99 Regular price$25.00
Gold Caduceus Staff Lapel PinGold Caduceus Staff Lapel Pin
Obstetrics Infant Silver Lapel PinObstetrics Infant Silver Lapel Pin Detail
Silver Liver Lapel PinSilver Liver Lapel Pin Detail
Silver Inner Ear Lapel PinSilver Inner Ear Lapel Pin Size
Red Heart Hugs Enamel Lapel PinRed Heart Hugs Enamel Lapel Pin Detail
Don’t Overthink It Lapel PinDon’t Overthink It Lapel Pin Detail
Venus de Milo Statue Rose Gold Lapel Pinmeta-Venus de Milo Actual Statue
Rose Gold Oxytocin Molecule Lapel PinRose Gold Oxytocin Molecule Lapel Pin Detail
CMYK Enameled Metal Lapel PinCMYK Enameled Metal Lapel Pin Detail
Cellfie Lapel PinCellfie Lapel Pin Detail
Cellfie Anatomy Lapel Pin Sale price$24.99
Greek Pi Lapel PinGreek Pi Lapel Pin Detail
Greek Pi Lapel Pin Sale price$24.99
Silver Knot BroochSilver Zirconia Bowknot Brooch Size
Silver CZ Bow Knot Brooch Sale price$24.99
Movie Clapper Enamel Lapel PinMovie Clapper Enamel Lapel Pin Detail
Movie Clapper Lapel Pin Sale price$24.99
Silver Skull Lapel PinSilver Skull Lapel Pin Detail
Red Star of Life Lapel PinRed Star of Life Lapel Pin Size
Colorful Enamel Heart Lapel PinColorful Enamel Heart Lapel Pin Detail
Inner Ear Gold Lapel PinInner Ear Gold Lapel Pin Size