Unbend Wire E1

Clinical Miniseries


In this coming-of-age drama, a girl chooses orienta­tion by circumstance, but must determine if it is the right decision.

⚠️ Reader Discretion: Mature dialogue.

High School


Many youths face gender orientation issues during adolescence. Experimentation can lead to a gay lifestyle. It may last a few months, several years, or a lifetime. Annabel is one woman living such a life who now feels she is actually straight. How have circumstance affected her decisions?

As an adult, thinking about how it began takes her mind back in time to high school. Like most adolescent girls, she has a group of female friends. They study together, shop, play sports, gossip, go to parties, watch movies, and enjoy sleepovers. During these activities, there is physical contact. They embrace for comfort and practice dance moves with each other.

With an interest in boys, Annabel wears faddish outfits and tries various hairstyles. Always wanting to be prepared for the moment when a boy asks her out, she practices slow dancing with her girlfriends.


Curious what a boy kiss feels like, Annabel seeks guidance from experienced friend. She learns from Ruth about the art of kissing.

“The innocent peck is the type you give to your grandmother,” she says. “Line your lips up with two fingers and press tightly.”

Annabel then asks, “How will a boy know that I am a good kisser?”

“A good kiss leaves the other person wanting more. Your lips should be supple and you exert less pressure,” Ruth explains.

“When do I use my tongue?

“Not everyone likes tongue. So my advice is less is more.”

More confused now, Annabel asks, “Less than what? How do I practice?”

Ruth offers to educate her, “I taught you how to slow dance. I can teach you this under two conditions.”

“Okay, what are they?”

“One, you have to close your eyes and imagine that I am a boy. Two, you can’t tell people that we kissed alone. It’s just practice.”

“Of course, it’s practice! Pinky swear.”

“If a first date is really bad, don’t kiss him. Get back into your house quickly. That will convey the message. If you are satisfied with the guy on the date, a courtesy peck is sufficient. He can work up to the next stage.

“If you like him, give him a reason to call you again with a moist kiss and a little rhythm but no tongue.

“When you’re making out with your boyfriend, occasionally run your tongue inside.”

“That’s a lot to keep track of. Can you demonstrate?”

“I’m not sure how to do all of this with with a girl. The tongue is unspoken permission for more liberties. Don’t look at me or all you get is a peck.”

Eager to learn, Annabel closes her eyes, relaxes her lips, and leans towards Ruth as they both sit on her bed. “Okay, I’m not looking. Let’s go through them. First, the peck…. Now, soft lips…. Much better.”

“If you really like someone, you might feel tingling during that second kiss. Do you want to stop here?”

I didn’t feel tingling. Maybe it should be longer with that rhythm you talked about. Tell me what I’m doing wrong.”

During a longer kiss, Ruth begins running her tongue along Annabel’s lips.

Ruth asks, “Did you feel a tingle?”

“Yes, that was nice! Did I do it right?”

“You did it that time. But I thought it was only supposed to happen with boys.”

You’re an excellent tutor. There is no way I could have figured this out by myself.”

Ruth asks, “Was it just a lesson? I mean, do you sill feel like we were practicing for boys… or really enjoying it?”

During their high school sophomore year, the relationship becomes public on campus, and continues throughout high school graduation. By this time, their parents are aware of the relationship, but don’t speak about it.


Accepted to different colleges, Ruth and Annabel realize a long-distance relationship is impractical. Annabel begins casual private encounters with girls as a college freshman.

During the sophomore college year, Annabel focuses on studies without dating. As a junior, she accepts invitations to games and dances from boys. But they never get beyond the grandma peck. During her senior year, Annabel begins scouting for a serious relationship.

While studying in the library, a popular athlete approaches Annabel’s study table to ask for directions to a particular classroom. All star-struck Annabel hears is “What’s the number?” She tears off a piece of paper and writes down her dorm and phone numbers and says, “That’s all my numbers.” Though puzzled when he looks at the paper, she echoes his word, “Tonight.”

In the jock’s car, passionate kissing gets out of control. But there are no further dates after discovering that he has a girlfriend. For further humiliation, he boasts to other members of the team.

Throughout the rest of her senior year, she wards off advances and innuendos from guys getting her name and number from bathroom stalls. Annabel is happy to walk away with a diploma and leave her failed social life behind.


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