Serendipitous Deception E6

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Publish Novella 3 September 2023


Guilty of misconduct, Austin must assess consequences of confession in order to achieve a desired outcome in this surprising miniseries finale.

Mature content advisory

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The Grasp

As the allure between Deidra and Austin intensifies, she strives to ascertain what plans Austin has for her. “I view you and Elenor as my closest friends. During any breakup, friends must choose sides. Can you give me a more obvious indication of which side I should choose?”

“You understand the position that Roxanna put me in, don’t you? She exploited my natural needs as a man. Before it happened, I fantasized that if I were to lose control with a woman, it would be you.”

“As a single woman, with biological needs and similar feelings—”

Austin glances over his shoulder to confirm they’re alone. The tension culminates in a heart-pounding moment of truth, their lips meeting in a searing, passionate kiss that ignites desires long suppressed. The touch of Deidra’s flesh initiates a trail of electric currents within Austin, as their connection grows more undeniable and fervent.

Her eyes open wide as she asks, “Was that another accident?”

“Forgive me. Roxanna emboldened my inhibitions. This was intentional. It seemed you were encouraging it. Did I cross an improper boundary?”

“It’s not entirely your fault. Silenced by my own desire, I gave every indication that all manner of touching was acceptable these past few weeks. It’s flattering that you think of me in that way. But it wasn’t ladylike and I have no aspirations of being a disposable dalliance while you’re married to Elenor.

“If you become an eligible bachelor, perhaps we can pick up from where we left off. Is it possible to maintain some boundaries till then?” Deidra suggests.

“Of course. I should shield you from the scandal. There’s no guarantee that Elenor will reject me though.”

The Confession

“Knowing human behavior, here’s what I advise. Don’t downplay your actions with Roxanna as a one-time moment of weakness. Embellish, if you must. Admit that you were attracted to her at first sight. Say the activities began before the trip and lasted throughout your stay at the hotel.”

“That’s not entirely true,” Austin objects.

“Someone must be the villain in a high-profile divorce. Tell her you sent Roxanna away for awhile to cover up your affair. Say you plan to bring her back when things cool down. Don’t be surprised if Elenor begins throwing things. Riled with anger, she mustn’t forgive you if we are to be together.”

“While not minimizing what actually happened, all these stories are much worse than reality,” Austin ponders somberly.

Deidra then employs reverse psychology. “If you don’t feel comfortable making her hate you, there’s another option. Try to salvage your marriage with a patchwork of deception and suspicion. See how long you can withhold the fact that you’ve been groping me, her best friend.”

“I can’t be in your presence without touching in some way. This is an elaborate scheme for me. Do you think she’ll piece everything together?”

“I know she will. Consequences will be worse with a partial confession. While in the dog house, the only kiss you might receive is the goodbye to your prospects of children.”

“It seems we both agree that no forgiveness is the best option?” Austin posits.

“Convince her that you’re an undesirable cad unworthy of forgiveness. Then I’ll be here with all the love you need.”

“Alright then. We’re in this together.”

“I know you’re a kind, caring person. But Elenor must get the impression that you can’t control your behavior. A separation or reconciliation with family counseling is unacceptable. She must file for divorce.”

“I’m not good at acting out scripts but I’ll do my best. Deidra, at what point do you make an obvious stand with me?”

The Guarantee

“I don’t want my name in the tabloids. But if it seems like she’s going to forgive you or there is indecisiveness, you can throw me under the bus. Tell her you’re also having an affair with her best friend. This is the nuclear option—suggesting it’s a last resort!”

“Do you consider our earlier kiss an affair?”

“That kiss included some naughty hands. Answer in your heart whether I’m more valuable to you than any financial loss or personal indignities. Embellish as necessary and let her fill in the blanks, without going into detail. Just say what happened with Roxanna is also going on with me.”

“I don’t want to put your elegance in the same category as Roxanna.”

“You’ll figure it out. Elenor may try to maintain a positive public appearance in order to cling to this lifestyle. In private, she’ll make your life miserable. Say what you must to get away from her.

“A marriage counselor who’s a mistress that breaks up her best friend’s marriage is a career ending headline. For me to endure the shame and possible loss of license without denial, I need an assurance that I’ll be privileged to bare your honorable children?

“My family’s legacy will not be dispersed among illegitimate sons. You and our children will be heirs. If I need to use your name, I’ll stipulate that you must remain out of the tabloids as a condition of Elenor’s settlement.”

“All right. You can do this. Be my hero, Austin.”

“This is not the advice I expected. But living with someone as understanding and forgiving as you, sounds better than trying to hang on to an angry suspicious wife. Instead of seeking her forgiveness, I’ll aim for her wrath.”

“I’m more understanding because your indiscretion with Roxanna didn’t break any vow with me. The wrath we describe could be mine as well, if you repeat the actions with the next Mrs. Rothschild.”

“You have every reason to suspect my disloyalty. But the lack of control you witnessed is actually evidence of my devotion to you. Our goals and aspirations are harmonious. There’s no need for me to look further.”

They exit the room and apologize to Elenor for the delay. Deidra then thanks them for a lovely evening before excusing herself to go home. Considering the late hour, Austin holds his confession in abeyance—preferring instead to make love to his wife. Before doing so, Elenor makes a private call to Deidra.

“You two were in the room much longer than expected. What happened in there?”

Deidra pauses during flashbacks of what happened and how much worse it could of been. Then she edits her reply. “I managed to keep it dignified and focus on the plan. Desires did not get out of control, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Okay, I was curious because he’s not in the mood to confess tonight.”

“Now I must become a dutiful wife—a role you will soon enjoy.”

“This is certainly the most bizarre friendship I’ve ever had with a woman. I’ll be saddened when it comes to an end. Good night, current Mrs. Rothschild.”

“Good night, future Mrs. Rothschild.”

The Remedies

During breakfast, Austin begins his confession. As planned, Elenor reasons that since Roxanna is gone, she might eventually forgive him. But until then, they will sleep in separate rooms indefinitely. This is the cue for Austin to use the nuclear option. She feigns outrage and asks for a speedy divorce.

In the settlement, Elenor receives 1.2 billion dollars, plus the sprawling Italian villa. Six months later Austin marries Deidra. A month after that, she’s pregnant.

Roxanna moves from Spain to share the villa with Elenor. While enjoying the view from the patio together one sunny afternoon, Elenor asks, “How, exactly, did you seduce Austin?”

“I was taught by the best to eventually get whatever I want.”

Elenor quickly reacts. “To be clear, don’t read anything extra into our sharing this estate. Let’s just enjoy a cocktail with the view.”

“I fully intend to do so,” Roxanna replies.

The final threads of this intricate tapestry weave a mosaic of calculated moves and unforeseen alliances, binding everyone inextricably. The matchmaker’s elaborate plan is both satisfying and unsettling. The manipulative dance of passion results in a perception of serendipity that satisfies everyone involved.

The End

The purpose of this miniseries is to highlight effects of female genital mutilation in a fictional story format.

Prevent plot spoilers by beginning with the first episode of a story. Return twice weekly for miniseries. Any relation to actual persons or events is coincidental. Login provides the most immersive experience.

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