Monocular Tutor E2

Couple dine for dinner


Most fine artists channel creativity through a muse. But Lloyd pushes societal boundaries in his quest for one.

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Model Student


The face of the art instructor, Miss Halter, finds itself on more of Lloyd’s figure drawings, which make their way onto the walls in her home.

After a class during the second semester of his first school year, Lloyd asks, “Can I return after school to have you model for me?”

Shocked at the notion, she responds, “You must understand how inappropriate that would be.”

🏫 The ethics committee at each school of higher education establishes local guidance regarding behavior between educators and students. Most, if not all, caution against forming such relationships, citing different rationales.

“Wait, I mean I’d like to draw your portrait—just your face.”

“Oh, that’s different. You mean extra tutoring. Would this masterpiece be for you or me?”

“Let’s see how good it turns out. Then we can discuss artwork custody.”

The final art piece impresses Miss Halter very much. “Some day your work will have tremendous value. I would be honored to have this in my collection.”

“Here’s my suggestion. I’ll duck down in the backseat of your car until we get off campus to get a bite to eat, far away from students. Then the picture is yours.”

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Actually, I’m negotiating the possession of the artwork.”

“Okay. After other cars vacate from the faculty parking lot I’ll shuttle you away for a hamburger before dropping you off at a bus stop.”

“That sounds fine.”

Miss Halter keeps the first portrait. The next day, he draws one to keep for himself, as she unceremoniously becomes his muse. They meet after classes a fifth time. She then notices the monocular shape in his pocket while he draws, although not recognizing what it is.

She makes a suggestion. “If we can keep this strictly professional, perhaps you might prefer to draw a little more than a portrait.”

“That would make these sessions more instructive.”

She steps behind the changing curtain before emerging with a robe that she drops off her shoulders. “If you’re ready, I’m willing to lower the covering as far as my waist. Maintain a respectful distance.”

“We’ve already established this tutoring is entirely professional.” To find an ideal drawing position, he walks around her sitting in a chair on a platform. “Be still, please. Here’s the perfect view.”

After this session, she gets dressed behind the changing screen and tells Lloyd. “I am a fan of your artwork. But this is too risky. The custodial crew and administrators have keys to the classroom. I would receive censuring if they open that door and discover this private tutoring. Even seeing any of the drawings with my face could cause trouble.”

“I like drawing and am learning a lot. Is it possible that you can continue modeling for me at your home?”

“Wow. That’s the kind of escalation I’ve been fearing. I think you’re looking for more than tutoring. After-class modeling is not entirely necessary for someone with your talent.”

“But I enjoy drawing you.”

“Let’s pause this arrangement to give me time to think. The end of next week I’ll let you know.”

Until then, Lloyd continues his backyard observations through the monocular. As if sensing his presence, she more often walks around her house in various stages of undress without closing window coverings.

During class the following Friday, Miss Halter hands Lloyd a note that suggests he meet her at her car after school. This time they go to an upscale restaurant for dinner.

He reacts with excitement, “Wow. Thanks for the invitation folded up like a cheat note. Do you realize it’s possible to send electronic text messages? This place is amazing, like a real date.”

“No, I’m just not a fan of burgers for dinner. Besides, no students are likely to show up here. We must be very candid about our tutoring. I’m not so naive as to ignore where your hormones might lead us if I’m your muse alone in my home. Can you offer any assurances?”

“Since we are being candid, I can assure you of my attraction to you, Miss Halter.”

Conceding Interest

After fending off several flirtations, the college art teacher admits to her student, “Your skill exceeds that of senior students, but you’re a freshman. That means you’re barely 18 years old, if that much. But don’t tell me if you aren’t. I can’t explain my interest in being an artist’s muse. So I’m willing to risk taking you home for private tutoring. But don’t let your attraction become a distraction to your education.”

“To the contrary, every moment with you will enhance my education.” When they arrive at her house, Lloyd acts as though he’s never been there. “This is a gorgeous place. The living room is spacious enough to model right here.”

“Okay, prepare your art supplies while I get ready in the bathroom. You can grab a non-alcoholic beverage from the refrigerator if you’re thirsty.”

Lloyd can hear her showering and brushing her teeth in the distance. He explores the house, finding another bathroom to clean himself up as much as possible. After 25 minutes, she returns wearing only a robe.

“Sorry for the wait. I got carried away with grooming. A little bit of trimming turned into an all-out shave.” They clear away the coffee table and then she asks, “Which do you prefer? Portrait, torso, or full figure?”

“Why should you be any less of a model than the ones every day in class?”

“You’re right. Let’s get some dramatic lighting. Remember, this is like another art class, just in a different location. Here goes.”

Miss Halter tries out various positions before landing on a modeling pose that satisfies Lloyd. He illuminates the subject to study shadows. Her poses are sensuous, though concealing.

She then maintains conversation, to calm her nerves and keep their minds from wandering towards other interests. There is small talk about when he began drawing, her education, and her efforts to become an artist before beginning her teaching career.

Lloyd inquires, “Can I ask your age?”

She first answers with another question. “How old do I look?”

“Taking everything into consideration, I’d say a very good-looking 24.”

“Thank you. I’ll be 27 soon.”

“Miss Halter, you’re ageless. Do you have any siblings?”

“Yes. I have a sister who’s two and a half years younger and another who’s 22 years old. Why? Do you want me to play matchmaker?”

“No. That’s the furthest thing from my mind. I’m just getting to know you.”

Miss Halter asks, “How’s your progress on my portrait?”

“I’m still waiting for you to uncross your arms,” Lloyd replies.

After an hour of poses, she turns up the lights to view his masterpieces. But the paper is blank. “Lloyd, was this just a trick to see me like this?”

“No. I became engrossed in the conversation. But I assure you that my viewing was productive. You were tense at first, but gradually became more relaxed with great yoga positions.”

How will Miss Halter react to Lloyd’s faux modeling session?


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