Masks For Entire Family

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Everyone in your family should have more than one mask. One that fits an adult may be too large for a small child. Obviously the reverse is true. Fortunately, we have you (and everyone in your family) covered.

Reusable Solid Tiny Child Mask is for the most petite virus warriors averaging 3 to 6 years of age. This 2-ply cotton mask is available in blue, orange, and yellow.

Tiny Child Mask

Reusable Swan Small Child Mask offers slightly more face coverage for children aged 3 to 7. This 2-ply cotton mask is available in pink or blue.

Swan Small Child Mask

Reusable 3-Piece PM2.5 Adult Mask With Valve is most versatile. The breathing valve pene­trates one layer of the 3-ply cotton mask. This improves breath­ability without sacrificing safety. Add a dispos­able filter for an 8-layer barrier. Ideal for teens or adults, it is available in black, gray, navy blue, or maroon.

3-Piece PM2.5 Adult Mask

Striped Reusable Large Masks provides max­imum coverage if you have a wider than average head, a large hairstyle, or just prefer some­thing a bit more fashionable. These masks cover your entire cheeks and jaw with long straps that tie behind your head.

Large Striped Masks

Breather Reusable Adult Mask is for active people. The silicone insert keeps you from inhal­ing the fabric. So it is much cooler and you are more under­stand­able when speaking. The great news is that you can add the silicone bracket insert to any adult mask.

Breather Adult Mask

Choose Reusable Masks

Disposable masks provide minimal protection and pollute oceans and landfills. Each time you handwash a reusable mask, you save the environment. Having a variety of masks with different thicknesses allows you to pick the mask for specific circum­stances.

Choose a light­weight mask for aerobic exercise. Wear a mask with multiple layers of filtra­tion when visiting a hospital or crowded indoor space.

Masks Are Here To Stay

Even with a vaccination, you should still wear a mask. It takes awhile for your body to build immunity. Some vaccines require a booster. It is uncertain what level of protection they will offer. The hope is 50 percent or better protection. View vaccines as a layer of precaution in tandem with masks and social distancing.

Shop the entire collection for one-of-a-kind masks, lanyards to hang them around your neck, ear saving strap extenders, ultraviolet flashlights to detect soiling, and more. #MaskUp

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