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20 of the Best Contemporary Portrait Painters 2

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Contemporary Artist Biographies

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  1. John Larriva (American, b. 1981),
    Larriva has a strong following that quickly draws hundreds, if not thousands of repins. The rather loose expressionist style seems to quickly convey innocent beauty in his mostly female portrait oil paintings.

  2. Jimmy Law (South African, b. 1970),
    Working with colorful acrylic paints, self-taught Law paints close-up portraits of beautiful male and female subjects of a variety of ethnicities in an expressionist style that includes drips and grunge.

  3. Malcolm T. Liepke (American, b. 1953),
    Easily one of the most popular contemporary painters, maintaining some 20 to 30 figure paintings in progress at once, Liepke conveys captivating emotion on each canvas.

  4. Joseph Lorusso (American, b. 1966),
    Lorusso primarily paints orange-lit barroom scenes and seductive females in an appealing style. Redhead subjects are frequently depicted with red noses.

  5. William Oxer (British, b. 1973),
    Oxer paints realistic figurative and portrait paintings with classical techniques in a manner reminiscent of aged photos with enough brush strokes to convey his dreamy style.

  6. Gabriel Picart (Spanish, b. 1962),
    Generally painting detailed city scenes or females in relaxed poses Picart is a master realist whose paintings invite the viewer to enter an imaginary world.

  7. Silvio Porzionato (Italian, b. 1971),
    Based in Moncalieri, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy, he works primarily with oil based paints to capture striking emotion in his captivating expressionist portraits.

  8. César Santos (Cuban, b. 1982),
    This prolific oil painter frequently disguises himself and/or his wife within realistic figurative and portrait paintings. Demonstrating his versatility, the "Syncretism" series merges iconic work by masters.

  9. Pascale Taurua (French, b. 1961),
    Oil on canvas portraits portray an inviting glamour.

  10. Philipp Weber (German, b. 1974),
    Weber is an exceptional figurative and portrait hyperreal painter whose work defies photography.

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Links change for various reasons—usually site redesign. We are discovering broken links to many pins sourcing collections of high-resolution images at Kai Fine Art. We are progressively correcting such links. Where possible, artist websites are included within descriptions even if the actual works cannot be found therein.

It should be emphasized that these are 20 of the best not necessarily the best 20 portrait painters. We have only scratched the surface of thousands of talented artists. Digital illustrators and artists using pastels, charcoal, and graphite are excluded from this list. Let me know in the comment section below if you would like to see additional featured artists. There are many more to explore on Pinterest.

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