How To Write Timeless Topics

As a blogger you want to write articles that many people enjoy reading. You have a choice of picking trendy topics for a short surge of readers or general topics that remain relevant years into the future. Each has value. So your blog should include both.

Examples of Trendy Topics
  • Recent technology release
  • Software review
  • Fashion styles
  • Automotive reviews
  • Real estate availability
  • Back-to-school gear
  • Natural disaster
  • Epidemic or pandemic
Examples of Enduring Topics
  • Ways to save money
  • Building your business
  • Benefits of product you sell
  • Improving your health
  • Natural health foods
  • Funneling rare symptoms
  • Maintaining youthful appearance
  • Strengthening exercises

What’s The Benefit?

As visitors scan your article, the overwhelming question in their minds is: “How does this benefit me?” With no perceivable value, readers may not get beyond the first paragraph.

It takes considerable resources to maintain an active website. In addition to benefiting visitors, there must be renumeration for the site. In other words, your blog must benefit you, as a publisher.

For example a website that features food recipes might sell cookbooks or offer catering services. The relationship between the two should be harmonious—featuring the cookbooks on article pages. The products or services you sell on your website should not be a secret. Is it apparent wherever people land on your site?

The main reason you write articles may be to generate site traffic. Identifying the audience for your blog articles determines what you write. If too many articles veer off topic, create another blog. They can either share the same domain on a platform like Shopify, or you can start another website. ClinicalPosters currently publishes five blogs on one website.

HealthPatients and doctorsCover topics relating to posters available on site
InsightsBloggers, merchants, and programmersShare tips that useful to guest bloggers or fellow Shopify merchants
NovellasReading enthusiastsDiscuss health within fictional stories that span several articles
NewsSite visitors and customersDescribe website and product features
FeatureCustomersMarketing and product landing pages

Guest authors sometimes contribute to the first three blogs—Health more than the others. For cohesiveness while still appealing to visitors with a wide range of interests, Health articles feature the following keywords:

Cardiology, chiropractor, clinical science, cos­meto­logy, dentistry, dermato­logy, endo­crino­logy, educa­tion, fitness, gastro­entero­logy, geron­to­logy, immuno­logy, internist, market­ing, mental health, nephro­logy, neuro­logy, nutri­tion, ob-gyn, onco­logy, ortho­pe­dics, oto­laryn­go­logy, pedi­atrics, physio­logy, physio­therapy, podiatry, pul­mono­logy, rheuma­tology, technology, uro­logy, vision, writing.

The best guest submissions come from visitors who read articles on the site. Would you like to submit an article for publication on the ClinicalPosters website? With an account you can download a welcome package with guidelines for acceptance.

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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

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