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Enjoy articles about a number of interesting topics right here on this website. As you expect, most discuss health, nutrition, or fitness. It might not surprise you to discover many tagged with “website.” Another series share marketing, writing, and program­ming tips. They are found within three separate blogs on this site.

Marketing, Writing and Programming, Oh My!

The primary author has been writing health articles for 10 years, programming since the birth of the worldwide web, and has been involved with advertising and marketing even longer. So it is exciting to read how this compilation of experience merges with new technologies. Each area blends together as programming creates new features and opportunities available to visitors.

It is now possible to view multiple articles by individual guest authors on a special page that includes a custom biography. Articles reveal how to get article submissions accepted and shared by more visitors. The increase in reader­ship opens up marketing opportu­nities. Both writing and marketing are byproducts of programming.

Creative writing and marketing have pro­gram­ming as their foundation.

One of the neat features of this site is content customization for visitors who login with a specified interest. Initially, these were all medical. Now it is possible to choose Writing (blogging), Marketing, or Programming, or even Woman as your interest.

Learn About Liquid Programming

The beauty of programming is the variety of ways to accomplish something. Expect to learn about customizing Shopify e-commerce themes. Follow the journey as the author transitions from Perl programming and other languages to Liquid, an open-source template language created by Shopify and written in Ruby. Your interactive participation will help guide the direction.

The home page changes daily. New articles are published up to three times per week. More products arrive throughout the month. Look for details about upcoming marketing collaborations this year. So now is a great time to create a ClinicalPosters account and pick an interest that excites you.

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