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Are You Under Shelter-in-Place Order?

As governments and municipalities attempt to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, the frequent advice is to remain indoors. What begins as a recommendation can become martial law when civilians do not comply. If there is one thing worst than being told to stay inside, it is having the military force you to sequester.

Eat Your Way Through Shelter-in-Place

It has been 65 years since martial law was declared within Russell County, Alabama from 1954–55. Hawaii was under martial law following the attack on Pearl Harbor from 1941–44. San Francisco docks were placed under martial law, citing “riots and tumult” in 1934.

We are hearing similar reports in other countries in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It is not something occurring frequently within the United States. However, the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007, became Public Law 109-364. In addition to allocating funding for the armed forces, it also gives the U.S. president the power to declare martial law and to take command of the National Guard units of each state without the consent of state governors.

Already we are seeing the closure of large gatherings, schools, gyms, bars, and restaurants across the country. Following the lead of California on March 20, 2020, other states are recommending or demanding closure of businesses and asking citizens to remain indoors. About 75 million Americans were told to stay home after Connecticut, Illinois, New York and California directed all non-essential workers to sequester. “Every state will head this way,” CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem said Friday.

Pinterest To The Rescue

Suppressing social congregation can lead to anxiety and boredom. Spending the days with eyes glued to depressing news is not very productive. To pass the time constructively, you can read, play board games or try out new recipes. In the hustle and bustle of most days, mealtime is reduced to the most expedient solution possible. With more time on your hands, why not learn new recipes? ClinicalPosters has a variety of food boards for you to explore:

Burgers and Sandwiches

Fresh Baked Bread

Healthy MyPlate Meals

Mouth Watering Veggies

One Potato Two Potato

Pasta Please

Pizza Lovers

Soup to Nuts

Of course, eating food all day can result in obesity. Shelter-in-place rules may still allow you to walk around the block to get some exercise. Wherever you go, maintain recommended social distancing (6–10 feet depending on locale).

Not inspired to cook? Restaurant take-out and delivery is allowable in some areas. When having food delivered, Dr. Sanjay Gupta recommends: pay online or with your mobile app. Instruct the driver to leave the bag on the porch, ringing the doorbell or notifying you within the app of its arrival.

If possible, discard outer packaging into waste receptacle on the porch. Bring the inner container into your home and wipe it down with soapy paper towels or sanitizing wipes. Throw wipes into trash bin and wash your hands. Now you are ready to open and eat. You might feel, after all that, you might as well cook the meal yourself. 🤔

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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

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