Nipple Eczema Mothers Breastfeed


If you are considering breastfeeding but have nipple eczema or mammary Paget’s disease, ask your doctor what can be done before giving birth.

Weigh Risks and Benefits

⚠️ Use Discretion: Graphic human anatomy.

Breastfed babies enjoy numerous health benefits. Breast milk is rich in the nutrients that best promote brain growth and nervous system development. Only breast milk contains the many different kinds of disease-fighting factors that help prevent various infections.

Are all the benefits negated when a woman has eczema or Paget’s disease? First it is important to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Whether breastfeeding is possible depends upon which condition is diagnosed. The two ailments appear similar.

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is commonly contracted by mothers after beginning breastfeeding. Paget’s disease is an uncommon intraductal carcinoma, representing 5% of all breast cancers. Hence, surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy may be necessary. Cancer treatment will affect possibility of breastfeeding.

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