Paper Header for Vertical Literature Cart 13x29


PRINTED HEADER ONLY: Each print is slightly smaller (92%) than original cart foam board. For your convenience, artwork is downloaded, printed, trimmed and shipped to you. (To conserve ink, lower black portion of artwork is white.)

Typical setup might include 2 DeuPair Round Corner Header Frames. Insert 6 interchangeable universal printed headers each in English and another popular language. You can specify other languages or specific issue within Other field. When magazine issue is not specified, current one is shipped.


Prints are smaller (92%) than original cart foam board. When available, artwork is downloaded, printed, trimmed and shipped. Currently there is an abundance of heavy paper and polyester fabric media. Substrate depends upon available stock. (You may be asked to provide PDF artwork.)

  • Send copyrighted art authorization printing
  • No foam backing not required
  • Display stand not included
  • Media option best for temporary display
  • Actual dimensions 13.1" x 29.5" (33 x 74 cm)