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# Month Event Dates Location Note
August MusculoSkeletal Infection Society Annual Meeting Aug 7–8, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL 30th Annual abstracts
August American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Conference Aug 8–11, 2020 National Harbor, MD

50th Annual abstracts

August 🚷 American Academy of Dermatology Aug 13–17, 2020 Seattle, WA Cancel AAD Innovation
August 🖥 10th International Conference on COPD and Lungs Aug 17–18, 2020 International Webinar

Webinar abstracts

September American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society Sep 9–12, 2020 San Antonio, TX AOFAS Annual
September Meeting of the Lupus Academy Sep 11–13, 2020 Florence, Italy 9th Annual abstracts
September 🖥 Asia-Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetology Conference Sep 16–17, 2020 Tokyo, Japan Webinar abstracts
September Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Sep 24–25, 2020 Paris, France 14th Annual abstracts
September Neurology-2020 USA Sep 28–29, 2020 Orlando, FL Update 2nd Annual
September 🖥 12th International Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Conference Sept 30–Oct 1, 2020 International Webinar

Webinar abstracts

October Neuroscience and addiction therapy Oct 14–15, 2020 London, UK NAT Annual ePoster
October Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference Oct 1–4, 2020 Las Vegas, NV CME course
October International Conference on Pulmonary Disorder Oct 14–15, 2020 Rome, Italy Abstracts
October International Conference on Lung & Respiratory Diseases Oct 19–20, 2020 Paris, France


October 🖥 European Academy of Dermatology Vienna Conference Oct 28–Nov 1, 2020 Vienna, Austria Virtual 29th EADV
October Clinical Cardiology, Cardiac Diseases and Disorders Conference Oct 29–30, 2020 Manhattan Beach, CA WASET abstracts
October World Congress on Cardiac Surgery and Medical Devices Oct 29–31, 2020 Vancouver, Canada Abstracts
November 🖥 Asian Aesthetic and Dermatology Congress Nov 2–3, 2020 Sydney, Australia Webinar abstracts
November World Congress on Cancers of the Skin Nov 3–6, 2020 Buenos Aires Update WCCS abstracts
November The American Society of Dermatopathology 57th Annual Meeting Nov 5–8, 2020 Chicago, IL ASDP abstracts
November Women’s & Pediatric Dermatology Seminar Nov 8–9, 2020 Newport Beach, CA SDEF 16th Annual abstracts
November Orthopedics & Rheumatology Global Summit and Expo Nov 9–10, 2020 Amsterdam, NL 15th Annual
November Maternal & Infant Diseases and Medicine Nov 16–17, 2020 Barcelona, Spain Annual Meeting abstracts
November Inflammatory Skin Disease Summit – The Translational Revolution Nov 18–21, 2020 New York, NY ISDS 2020
November Heart Care and Diseases Nov 19–20, 2020 London, UK 17th Annual
November Pulmonology & Respiratory Medicine Nov 23–24, 2020 Tokyo, Japan 11th Annual abstracts
December Revolutionizing Atopic Dermatitis Dec 5–7, 2020 Chicago, IL Virtual RAD abstracts
December 🚷 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Dec 8–12, 2020 San Antonio, TX Cancel UTHSCSA
January Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Hepatology Jan 2–9, 2021 Miami, FL CI Cruise
March Anxiety and Depression Conference Mar 18–21, 2021 Boston, MA ADAA
March American Academy of Dermatology Mar 19–23, 2021 San Francisco, CA AAD Annual
June Cosmetic Bootcamp Jun 24–27, 2021 Aspen, CO Summer Meeting
July American Academy of Dermatology Jul 29–Aug 1, 2021 Seattle, WA AAD Innovation
March American Academy of Dermatology Mar 17–31, 2022 Boston, MA AAD Annual
June Cosmetic Bootcamp Jun 23–26, 2022 Aspen, CO Summer Meeting
July American Academy of Dermatology Jul 28–31, 2022 Vancouver, BC AAD Innovation
March American Academy of Dermatology Mar 17–21, 2023 New Orleans, LA AAD Annual
June Cosmetic Bootcamp Jun 22–25, 2023 Aspen, CO Summer Meeting
March American Academy of Dermatology Mar 8–12, 2024 San Diego, CA AAD Annual

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