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Physiotherapists treat disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods, heat, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery.


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Acupuncture Female Figure ModelAcupuncture Female Figure Model Detail
Acupuncture Female Figure Model Sale priceFrom $259.00
Acupuncture Male Figure ModelAcupuncture Male Figure Model Detail
Acupuncture Male Figure Model Sale priceFrom $259.00
Female Pelvic Skeleton With Femur Heads AnteriorFemale Pelvic Skeleton With Femur Heads Posterior
Male Pelvis Skeleton Anterior ModelMale Pelvis Skeleton Posterior Model
Male Pelvis Skeleton Model Sale priceFrom $79.99
Male 2-Part Pelvis with Ligaments Model4 Male 2-Part Pelvis with Ligaments Models
Female Pelvic Model AnteriorFemale Pelvic Model Posterior
Female Pelvis 3-Part ModelFemale Pelvis 3-Part Models
Female Pelvis 3-Part Model Sale priceFrom $299.00
UnframedBlack Pocket Frame
Lesiones deportivas 20x26 Sale price$19.99
UnframedBlack Pocket Frame