Anatomy Pins and Jewelry


Anatomy Pins and Jewelry for Doctors and Nurses

Select from lapel pins, breast pins, charms, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and keychains.


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Blue Ocean Heart Enamel Lapel PinOcean Heart Enamel Lapel Pin Back
Silver Neuron Lapel PinSilver Neuron Lapel Pin Detail
Floral Lungs Lapel PinFloral Lungs Lapel Pin Back
Red Lungs Metal Lapel PinRed Lungs Metal Lapel Pin Detail
Caduceus Red Pearl EarringsCaduceus Red Pearl Earrings Detail
Stethoscope Gold Medical Lapel PinStethoscope Gold Medical Lapel Pin Size
Zipper Earring StudsZipper Earring Stud Detail
Zipper Stud Earring Sale price$6.99
Pink Stainless Steel Screw Earring StudPink Stainless Steel Screw Earring Studs
Heartbeat ECG Gold BraceletWearing Heartbeat ECG Gold Bracelet
Gastroenterology Gold Stomach Lapel PinGold Stomach Lapel Pin Detail
Broken Pizza Heart Enamel Lapel PinBroken Heart Enamel Lapel Pin Back
DNA Helix Antique Metal PendantDNA Helix Antique Charm Size
Hope Awareness Ribbon Metal CharmHope Awareness Ribbon Metal Charm on Fingers
Awareness Ribbon Dark Green Charm
Awareness Ribbon Light Pink Metal CharmAwareness Ribbon Hot Pink Metal Charm
Save $5.01
Silver Scissors Comb Lapel PinSilver Scissors Comb Lapel Pin Size
Hairstylists Scissors Comb Silver Lapel Pin Sale price$19.99 Regular price$25.00
Atom Geometric CharmAtom Geometric Charm Size
Atom Geometric Charm Pendant Sale priceFrom $3.99
Gold Heart Lapel PinGold Heart Lapel Pin Detail
Gastroenterology Silver Lapel PinGastroenterology Silver Lapel Pin
Silver Crowned Tooth Lapel PinSilver Crowned Tooth Lapel Pin Detail
Cats B+W Enamel Lapel PinCats B+W Enamel Lapel Pin on Denim
Save $2.01
Speckled Stone NecklaceSpeckled Stone Necklace Back
Speckled Stone Necklace Sale price$7.99 Regular price$10.00
Knives lapel pinKnives lapel pin detail
Knives Cry Lapel Pin Sale price$8.99
Save $1.00
Star Heart Extension ChainStar Heart Extension Chain Detail
Necklace Chain Gold Star Extension Sale price$2.99 Regular price$3.99