Your Digestive System Laminated Chart 20x26

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Feed the anatomical imagina­tion of children with the Blueprint for Health poster collection. This poster illus­trates the role of each major organ in the diges­tive system by showing a 12-step path of food from bite to “the end of the line.” Kids can enjoy it at home, in a class­room, or medical office of pedia­tri­cians, dieti­tians, nutri­tion­ists, and gastro­entero­lo­gists.

Teeth and their role in the diges­tive process is explained along with proper brush­ing tech­niques. This vibrant 20" x 26" (51 x 66 cm) poster illus­trates and describes the compo­nents of a healthy diet with a colorful table and MyPlate chart. It includes answers to ques­tions like "What is a burp?" and "Why do I throw up?" ©2013

  • Fun for 8–12 year old children
  • With hygienic satin UV lamination
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