Replacement Overlay 24x36

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Finishing: PETG 0.2" for DeuPair Frame


OEM REPLACEMENT: Oversize DeuPair frames ship with shatterproof clear overlay that is covered with a disposable cling sheet on both sides. Remove protective film before hanging. If the overlay becomes damaged, you may order a replacement.

  • PETG anti-glare/clear 0.02" (0.5 mm) lightweight overlay is similar to water bottle composition.
  • Polycarb(onate) crystal clear 0.03" (0.75 mm) or 0.06" (1.50 mm) overlay is eyeglass lens material.

When comparing side by side, most people prefer the Polycarb clarity. However, for cost considerations, PETG is more popular. Both are recyclable. Neither frame overlay is as thick as eyeglasses. Polycarbonate film overlays are not scratchproof but come with a 5-year outdoor-use manufacturer warranty against warping or discoloration, lasting much longer indoors. Wipe clean with soft damp cloth and water.

Overlay Care

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