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Anatomy Poster Custom Imprint and Layout 18x24


Returns: No refund on custom item.

Ideal for trade shows, fairs, conven­tions and con­ferences, choose economical short-run customizable posters. Styrene is a digital alter­native to laminated posters on 20 percent thinner substrate. Specify desired poster in the “Poster title” field.

  • Minimum quantity 100
  • Posters scaled to 18x24 inches
  • Custom logo imprint option
  • Custom layout option
  • Shipped to single location
  • Turnaround time: 2 to 3 weeks


Any of the 22" x 28" (56 x 71 cm) anatomy posters scale down to 18" x 24" (46 x 61 cm). All titles must be the same for bulk prices.

  1. Atrial FibrillationAFib and Ischemic Strokes Chart 22x28
  2. COPD & Asthma Chart 22x28
  3. Dermatomes Chart 22x28
  4. Diseases of the Digestive System Chart 22x28
  5. Ear, Nose and Throat Chart 22x28
  6. Female Reproductive System Chart 22x28
  7. Lymphatic System Chart 22x28
  8. Male Reproductive System Chart 22x28
  9. Middle Ear Infections Chart 22x28
  10. Musculoskeletal System Chart 22x28
  11. Pregnancy & Birth Chart 22x28
  12. The Brain Chart 22x28
  13. The Common Cold vs the Flu Chart 22x28
  14. The Ear Chart 22x28
  15. The Eye Chart 22x28
  16. The Effects of Smoking Chart 22x28
  17. The Heart Chart 22x28
  18. The Integumentary System Chart 22x28
  19. The Kidney Chart 22x28
  20. The Liver Chart 22x28
  21. The Muscular System Chart 22x28
  22. The Pulmonary System Chart 22x28
  23. The Respiratory System Chart 22x28
  24. The Vascular System Chart 22x28
  25. Understand ACS Chart 22x28
  26. Understand Angina Chart 22x28
  27. Understand Arthritis Chart 22x28
  28. Understand Asthma Chart 22x28
  29. Understand Breast Cancer Chart 22x28
  30. Understand Cholesterol Chart 22x28
  31. Understand Depression Chart 22x28
  32. Understand Diabetes Chart 22x28
  33. Understand DVT Chart 22x28
  34. Understand Glaucoma Chart 22x28
  35. Understand Head & Neck Chart 22x28
  36. Understand Heart Disease Chart 22x28
  37. Understand IBS Chart 22x28
  38. Understand Menopause Chart 22x28
  39. Understand Metabolic Syndrome Chart 22x28
  40. Understand Nutrition Chart 22x28
  41. Understand PAD Chart 22x28
  42. Understand Prostate Cancer Chart 22x28
  43. Understand Rheumatoid Arthritis Chart 22x28
  44. Understand Rhinitis Chart 22x28
  45. Understand Sinusitis Chart 22x28
  46. Understand Skin Chart 22x28
  47. Understand The Spine Chart 22x28
  48. Understand The Teeth Chart 22x28

Prices include addition of logo, layout modification, and one-sided printing. Translation service quoted separately based on com­plexity of lan­guage and amount of words on selected poster (average $250–1000).

Particularly useful to pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, these patient-educa­tion materials are generally excluded from the physicians Sunshine Act. Mention of drugs require supple­men­tal patient handout. Verify with your legal counsel before proceeding.

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