Runaway Revenge E3

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Novella Synopsis

EPISODE 3 – SEPARATION Can a young woman brought up in the shelter of her parents’ home venture out into an ugly world with a newfound lover? Discover more clues in the third of five episodes in this mystery miniseries. Overcoming Regrets Julie’s twisting torso projects uncertainty as she tucks more neatly folded attire inside her suitcase. Rustling wend through space in her window frame seems to warn her of an unwise decision. Her reticent mind narrates the eerie night’s silence with recollections of her previous conversations with Romero. “Run away? Run away where?” “Anywhere! Away from them.” “But— but what about my parents?” “You always say they’re too controlling, right? Now’s the chance to make your own decisions! To live a life you want to live! You can leave them a note. We’ll be together, at last.” “I don’t know. This is too sudden. I— I need time to think. Please.” And he gave her time, but not without frequent persuasion. “Won’t the police look for us? My parents will never let us get away so easily. They work for a large company and can easily track our phones!” “No need to worry, I’ll handle everything. Just trust me, Jules.” She did it without a hitch. Romero’s constant assurance eroded her objections. His empathetic nature is another thing she truly admires about him. Even after telling him about her medical condition, his words were so simple, yet brimming with affinity. “I— I should’ve revealed this to you sooner. But… I have a prosthetic foot.” She comes to a stop as her eyes shoot down to her feet. “Oh, really?” He takes a few steps back to observe the previously overlooked aspect of her leg. “I never noticed.” “It— it was a neonatal foot drop. There were many unsuccessful physiotherapies. In the end, the doctors performed a nerve surgery. But things got worse. My leg became infected, to the point when they had to… remove my foot.… to prevent the infection from spreading.” Her voice falters in the end, the tremble of her lips makes it harder for her to keep her voice still. “I’m— I’m sorry.” Her head hangs low as she sniffles occasionally. But soon feels the warmth of a pair of strong arms engulfing her. “Their’s no need to be sorry.” He whispers, resting his chin on her head. “If anything, you’re brave for enduring something like this throughout your life. I’m proud of you for that.” “Real— Really?” She stammers. “Yes, now stop ugly crying, my shirt’s getting wet.” He chuckles. “Is this why you were hesitant to ‘run away’ with me?” “Stop it!” She flails her hand against his back as they both rejuvenate in each other’s embrace. “What a dork.” Julie shakes her head deliriously before zipping up her case. She jerks her head towards a tossed pebble that taps on her window. Opening it reveals her runaway partner staring up at her from the backyard. With a smile that illuminates the darkness, she responds, “How cliché. You want me to let down my hair?” “Not gonna work. My tugging will probably make you bald.” “My silly Prince!” “Just kidding! Now come on, I’ve been pacing your bare lawn for two hours.” She huffs a laugh while wagging her head. Julie ducks back away from the window to finish packing and rechecking everything. With an absolving sigh, she tosses her life in a suitcase down to her new partner. The cover of a familiar romance novel arrests her attention. Recalling the fate of those young lovers, she hesitates before sliding the memento into her backpack. Julie slinks down the stairs and silently slips out her door. As someone’s life flashes before them prior to death, the plot of other romance novels floods her mind. They often end with tragedy. The heroine may die at the hands of the male protagonist. It’s an elegy — a lament. She remembers crying after reaching the end of each last chapter. During this joyful moment of escape, her eyes brim with tears that she can’t explain. Hopefully, it isn’t because of reliving a sad novel. Perhaps leaving the doorsteps of the recent palace she calls home wrings out such melancholy. As she focuses on Romero, his gentle smile calms her nerves. The warmth of an outstretched hand melts the coolness of her tender fingertips. It’s time to begin their new venture. Next Steps Their initial plan is to drive to a nearby city. With parents’ on their heels, searching for their daughter, Julie’s prosthetic foot gets caught in the sliding subway door and is ripped from her stump. “Julie, are you all right?” Romero shouts. “Stop the train!” Romero shouts in vain. “Don’t worry about it. There’s no pain. My actual foot wasn’t severed here.” As he helps her to a seat, they regain composure. Julie begins reading her novel as Romero contemplates their next steps. Julie reviews story conclusion of romance novel. “That lost prosthesis is a clue to our whereabouts. We need to modify our plans,” Romero advises. “Let me make some phone calls.” Soon thereafter, Romero maintains his grasp of Julie’s hand throughout an airline flight. He assures her they can find refuge within his older brother’s home, in Greece. “You’re gonna love my brother. And once we get settled there, we’ll adopt a Border Collie. Actually, we’ll get two Collies. Then we’ll watch ’em chase each other’s tail.” Julie responds to Romero’s words with a timorous breathy laugh while shifting in her taxi seat after a bumpy airplane landing. His gaze softens at her timidness. His body leans toward her, to connect his lips with her temple. “You’re fine, Jules. We’re fine.” He mumbles as she parks her head on his shoulder. “I’m here with you,” he reassures. However, she lies motionless, as though no breath remains in her. Continued…

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