Runaway Revenge E2

Female receiving home pizza delivery


Julie discovers that a young lover’s heartfelt desires battle the logic of her whirlwind romance.

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Special Delivery


With abdominal muscles rippling from anxious anticipation, Julie interjects, “What do you mean you’re running late? Traffic jam? Okay fine, but be here in five minutes!” she demands while ending the call. Her delivery guy, or more precisely Romero, is currently on his way with her lunchtime Reuben sandwich.

How did this deceptive relationship develop? One night of frivolous chatting became several. Nights morphed into weeks. The exchange of chat messages erupted into long phone conversations. Back-and-forth videos and pictures thereafter established their daily routine.

Julie has come to find Romero even more charming. The sweet messages, his ludic puns, him always knowing what’s on her mind. He’s there whenever she needs to talk, while his enticing signature smirks always brighten her day.

So here comes the point where a subservient daughter acts on her desires. Texting and video calling each other satisfied a nascent relationship. But testing the boundaries of her parents’ authority, the cunning and somewhat deceitful Romero conceived the delivery guy idea. It appropriately tempts Julie’s rebellious inclination.

A ringing doorbell now sends the young adult’s heart drumming against her chest. Upon opening the portal to the embodiment of her fantasies, Julie stands in befuddlement. The person whom she’s been cyber-communicating with for such a long time is now close enough to touch, or even embrace. But Julie’s mother ambles in the distance with a phone to her ear.

Romero appears more breathtaking than ever, grinning down at her, as his eyes hold a dreamy softness. But the bewilderment remains. She’s unable to distinguish whether it is her imagination, or he is older than her expectation. The unfamiliar premature silver strands are only a slight distraction. In her mind, they make him look more virile.

Before they can exchange greetings, the mother’s background voice interrupts. “Julie? Give him the money and close the door! The air is freezing.”

Startled by her sudden exclamation, Julie takes a step back. Within those few seconds, Romero’s eyes catch her mom’s. His eye contact decouples when Julie shoves the money to him and grasps the pizza box.

“Sorry, I’ll call you tonight, bye!” she utters softly. While the latch slowly meets the doorjamb, she observes his silent face, sternly gazing beyond her shoulder.

Julie is beginning to discern various dimensions of her lover’s personality. She struggles to define an untoward motive, perhaps masked by his charming maneuvers. Without tangible evidence, she disregards her overthinking. Since this is her first clandestine romance, she is bound to overestimate.

Their secret rendezvous continue, as Julie frequently requests meals through her personal delivery guy.

Resolving Differences

Sometimes when Julie’s parents are away, Romero brings the paper bags inside the home. They can have nice comfortable chats together. But during her parents’ presence, he leaves the food on the porch.

Romero reveals his age difference and other factors he had concealed without her noticing. He is indeed a handful of years older than her expectations. Filters were obscuring his silver strands within digital images. She’s still a little skeptical, as she hopes he is answering everything truthfully.

Her trust grows stronger as a couple of months fly by. Often, flowers accompany the food deliveries. Other surprises are paw keychains, bite-size chocolates, and little colorful love notes.

Next Steps

Mutual obsession, infatuation, or something more convinces Julie that Romero is the man for her. She wants to share this joy with her parents. To satisfy overwhelming desires, Julie must reveal her secret boyfriend to them. An interrogation will follow. Indeed, her mother might even recognize Romero as the frequent food delivery guy.

Her non-indulgent parents aren’t the type of people with whom she can easily communicate. But she and her beau are mature enough to weather a storm of objections. Julie feels she can no longer conceal something so important.

Romero’s reluctance is another topic. She doesn’t know why, but his refusal to meet her parents wells up an uneasiness within her.

“Perhaps he’s just shy.” She wonders out loud but then snorts at her thoughts. “Definitely not that. Well, who wouldn’t be afraid of meeting my mom and dad.”

Finally having to capitulate to Romero’s incessant scrupling, she asks him for alternative solutions to their growing passion.

“I have a plan, alright? Just hear me out,” he replies.

Dressed in a restaurant employee uniform, his hands are grasping her shoulders as a visible dismay outlines Julie’s features.

“What is it?” she asks softly with perplexity evident in her voice.

The sharp edges of Romero’s thumb caress her cheek, as he leans to level his eyes with hers while demanding, “Run away with me, Jules.”


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