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Sex or Sexy


Luna reacts defensively to Rex’s intimation that she may not be as worthy as the alternative movie prospect. “Let me say that I have standards. However, don’t be so quick to consider someone else for the position.

“I’m willing to be flexible. You’re familiar with the Hollywood stories. Vulnerable women get caught up in a sex world with broken promises of stardom.

“I respect that. My goal is to get close to that limit without crossing the line. We’re talking skimpy poolside swimsuits, sexy lingerie boudoir images—solo and with Danny, the male actor you met. He’s the one you inadvertently flashed yourself to at the hotel when your robe parted—if that helps you get over your shyness around him.

“But trust me. There’s no casting couch and the crew will be present to maintain professional decorum. Can we agree on these limits?”

“I guess so. But I don’t want anything that would… suggest that I’m a… porn star.”

“Those words never crossed my lips. Again, my goal, with artistic photography is to make viewers think they will get a little more than they see. Don’t knock porn stars completely. Some cross over to become successful actresses.

“In Hollywood, there are plenty of butt doubles and actresses for bed scenes, when it’s in the script. In my photoshoot, you show me how far you are willing to go. That’s the line I express to the producers and director so they can cast accordingly.”

“It sounds like you already expect these sex scenes in the movie.”

“I’ve read the script. There are both sex scenes and sexy scenes. If you have the lead role, there’s an expectation that you will be viewed in at least one of the two. I want to pitch a recreation of your fight scene with Sarah in the movie. You humiliated her!

“The producers may love your face and fighting skill. But with questionable acting and reluctance to show skin, they might feel more comfortable casting you as a small-part extra.”

“I don’t mind showing skin in ways I feel are sexy. You likely want to see more than I would offer. To prove my flexibility and demonstrate that I don’t back down from a challenge, you can pitch the fight scene. I may give you latitude on what constitutes sexy. But let’s not cross the line to sex scenes.”

“I can work with that. What else is on your list of questions?”

“Well…, you mentioned millions. How much will I really get for my first film, if I cooperate?”

“Understand that being a talent scout gives me access to great scripts. As your agent, I can negotiate salaries. But I can’t guarantee you a role or a specific payout. That’s up to the film’s executives.

“Well-known stars command tens of millions of dollars for a starring role. You’re not there yet. During negotiation, I play a shell game with your physical agility, sex appeal, and salary. Contingent on how sexy your photographs come out, I might strive to get you between one and five million.”

“Oh! That much? And what’s your cut?”

“Because of all the necessary work to find and promote you, I expect 25 percent of your first role. It can drop to 20 percent by your third movie, while your rates go up.”

“So you stand to make more than a million dollars off my behind?”

“Or as little as 250 thousand. Either way, if you do well, you have tremendous value in the long run. So it’s in my interest to protect you from abuse during photoshoots,” Rex assures.”

“If I can earn up to 3.75 million dollars, when will I get paid?”

“I’ll request that you get checks weekly during filming. Before the movie hits the theater, you are paid in full. With that much cash, I recommend that you secure your apartment better, and don’t spend all your money before the critical reviews come out. Hire a financial planner.”

“What if I want to shop around for another agent with a lower commission?”

“You have that right to try. The movie I’m scouting for has only a pseudonym replacing the title to avoid press leaks. Even that, I have not divulged to you without an NDA signature. So if you find an agent, it will not be for this role.

“Without a portfolio nor any experience, in what do you think you’ll star? I have already invested five figures for my crew, the hotel, and the website I’ll build for you. So I’m incentivized to negotiate a huge contract in your behalf.”

“You’re right, thank you. That’s worth 25 percent. My hotel suite is amazing. I’m not lying when I say I could get used to this lifestyle. What would be on schedule for today after signing all the paperwork?”

“This may be the most important agreement you make in your life. We will become inseparable. Like all agents, I get a piece of everything you earn.”

“Ooh, Mr. Lewis. We just met. It sounds like you’re marrying me.”

“It’s like a marriage without a divorce option.” Rex continues, “First, I’ll explain the documentation. But you have the option of hiring an attorney prior to signing. In that case, everyone would simply go home until another day. Keep in mind, others are auditioning for these parts.”

Wardrobe Selection

“My comprehension is good. With your explanations and my speed reading, I should be able to sign today.”

Rex further explains, “I want you to be eager, because that means we make money faster. But there are advantages of being cautious. During our conversation, I’ll test your moral limits. You like to spar on a dojo mat. I spar with words. Can you handle it?”

“I’m always ready for a challenge,” Luna replies eagerly.

“Today is only still photography. I have enough action footage. While the sun is out, we can shoot some scenes poolside or at the nearby beach. In wardrobe, we have everything from a low-cut one-piece to g-strings and thong bikinis.

“I’ll be blunt. Most resemble colorful shoelaces. In reality, nothing will be covering your backend. We don’t want everything on your website to look like it was taken on the same day, so there will be a variety of outfits though.

When I say ‘pop it’ you should know what that means and respond for the camera. I have sample photos so you know what we’re after.

“This posterior should be very similar to yours. So neither of us is embarrassed by your public refusal, tell me now if you have limitations on wearing these type of swimsuits.”

I own bikinis like the ones you mention. Forgive me for blushing…. Those photos are so revealing…. I hope I look as well. You’re going to see me wearing this?”

“Not just me—the whole crew and eventually, website visitors,” Rex confirms. “Is there something you don’t want to show me?”

“Well, yes. I’m hoping to leave something to the imagination! But I have not had the nerve to wear something so skimpy in public. If the stakes are as high as you suggest, I’ll have to get over my apprehension for the photoshoot—if tastefully done.”

“Great. Every time you agree to a suggestion, it increases your chance of landing this part. Listen carefully as I explain the boudoir photoshoot. We have sexy lingerie in a variety of styles and colors. Some have lace and garters. Others are casual.

“An example of the type of shots is a posterior with the panty askew to reveal one cheek. Several will feature cleavage. When we do topless, it’s shot from the back. If from the front, you’ll cross your arms. A few models wear pasties.

“Again, your photos demonstrate to filmographers how far you’re willing to go. I’ll be directing the photoshoot, so tell me now your limitations to prevent embarrassment in front of the crew.”

“Wow! You are very specific. Obviously, I’ll be dressed similarly to the women in these photos. Thanks for the heads up, but I prefer to keep something on…. I’m not being uncooperative. Consider it a soft refusal requiring context for the request.”

“Don’t put on this mock-modesty act. I saw you spar topless in the dojo!”

“I wore a gi top. There was just nothing beneath it, so there may have been peekaboo glimpses during combat. Help me understand better how you might shoot such a scene. Do you expect me to remove my top in the hotel bathroom, apply the pasties and walk in front of 7 to 8 people? Or do I change clothes while everyone is looking at me?”

“Actually, you can exit from behind a changing partition wearing a robe. But as far as modesty goes, the robe is a formality. While getting in position, most everyone would get a view of you. Candidly, the pasties leave little to the imagination.”

“I can see that from your sample photo, which I appreciate you showing me,” Luna acknowledges.

“I respect your propriety. But the professional crew has seen female anatomy before—with and without pasties. Pretty much whatever you’re hiding behind the partition will be exposed as soon as you come under the camera lights.

“You say you’re comfortable with your body. There’s a short window of marketability. Many actresses limit their roles by staying buttoned up. They change their minds later, when they have nothing to market, physically.”

“If I keep working out, my body should remain toned for many years to come.”

“Time is money on set. It saves both if you can switch outfits without leaving. I need to get you comfortable in front of a camera and a crew before thrusting you into a major motion picture…. Where is the uninhibited star in the dojo?”

“There are differences between the person in that dojo and the offer before me right now. This is not a match in front of 30 students. This is a photoshoot for display to the world. By being topless and bottomless, you’re also asking me to be the winner and the loser of that match!” Luna concludes.

With sly reasoning, Rex asks, “Which region of your body is most embarrassing to look at—top or bottom?”

“There’s nothing wrong with either area!” Luna objects defensively. “I’m just in the habit of getting dressed before going into public!”

“Okay. There’s no camera. I just wanted to hear your thoughts. If it was an actual shoot, you may have lost your job.”


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