Regenerate Wisdom E2

Finger pressing doorbell
Publish Novellas 17 September 2023


An authority on wisdom preservation receives an unexpected visit that elevates his notion of lofty wisdom in this short story finale.

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Higher Wisdom

Riding on the success of his accomplishments, Kent answers the doorbell of his home one Saturday morning. There he finds a well-dressed couple on his doorstep advancing the superiority of Godly wisdom.

“I respect what you’re doing. But you’ve knocked on the wrong door. I am a world-renown expert in human wisdom.”

“Well it’s certainly a pleasure to meet you,” the minister replies. “As vast as human wisdom is—and it’s made great strides in recent decades—have you ever considered how it compares to Godly wisdom?”

“I don’t know that there is a God. If so, implanting his wisdom into humans has seemed like a failure.”

“I can see from your extensive library of books on the back wall that you treasure wisdom. Just like the wise men that penned those books, the Creator has penned his thoughts for the benefit of mankind.”

“If so, it has no doubt been adulterated by now.”

“Notice this fundamental truth made by the wisest king in earthly history.” Pointing to a digital tablet, the visitor reads, ‘I have come to know that everything the true God makes will endure forever. There is nothing to add to it and nothing to subtract from it. The true God has made it this way, so that people will fear him.’ From a scientific standpoint, have you found the sustainability of well-maintained natural things to be superior to those that wise men manufacture?”

“Actually, I’m a pioneer in subtracting and adding things that you say were created. So I can’t agree with that verse entirely. Besides, the thawing of arctic permafrost and evaporation of rain forests suggests they will not ‘endure forever’ as you say.”

“It’s true that man is ruining the earth to an extent. The last book of the Bible indicates how that will turn out. But aren’t your capabilities governed by scientific constants, like gravity, conduction, or the periodic table of elements?”

“Well, I imagine to a degree, yes.”

“Please notice this other verse by the same king. ‘For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.’ The LORD mentioned here in the King James version of the Bible has the name “Jehovah” in the American Standard, Byington, and New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.”

“You’re telling me that it’s possible to give people wisdom? That’s exactly what I prove with my scientific studies!”

“Great, but from the prior verse, we learn the type of wisdom that is most beneficial. It says, ‘You will find the very knowledge of God.’ How valuable is that wisdom to you—knowledge that extends down through the centuries and beyond the history of mankind?”

“I am truly surprised at your naivety that a mysterious invisible creature is lurking throughout the universe who bestows wisdom within beings on different planets.”

“This master Instructor, Designer, and Creator makes his name and purpose known to mankind through the most accessible book in the world—one he takes credit for authoring and preserving—the Holy Bible. So he needed be a mystery.”

“But there are so many versions.”

“True. His wisdom is apparent in each of them, though it’s easier to extract from a good translation. I imagine the same is true of the scientific work that you might publish.”

“Well, yes. My work is available in several languages. You can step in for a moment.”

“From the infinitesimal atom to vast galaxies on a much larger scale, there is symmetry and order. The Fibonacci mathematics within plants and the biomimetics that mimic nature give evidence of an intelligent Designer. Intelligent mankind is still studying this work to take credit for what the Creator originated.”

“I kind of see where you’re going but hesitate to give God credit.”

“Would you agree that science is based on faith?”

“Of course not. Science is proven fact!”

“Yet, governments issue grants for clinical studies of hypotheses and theories. Only after the trials are complete, do the suppositions sometimes become factual. Until then, aren’t the scientists demonstrating faith in their work?”

“I see you know something about clinical trials. Yes, but after the results establish it, the supposition becomes fact.”

“Meditate on one closing verse, if you will. It’s here at Romans 1:20. Take note of the sound reasoning. ‘For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable.’

“This capitalizes on King Solomon’s words that I shared, and it underscores the source of biomimetics. If we can see evidence of the Designer in nature, then the basis of our faith is factual.”

“Look, you seem to suggest that science can reconcile the existence of some higher wisdom in the universe. You’re not going to convert me in one conversation. But perhaps there’s some value that can apply to my research.”

“Definitely. As Proverbs 1:5 says, ‘A wise person listens and takes in more instruction.’ My name is Kent. May I ask yours?” the visitor inquires.

“What a coincidence. My name is also Kent.”

“Well, Kent. I’ve enjoyed our conversation and look forward to returning next week to share more Godly wisdom.”

“Okay. I look forward to your visit around this time,” Kent Wagner concludes.

The End
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