Organ Wallet Rivalry E3

Female fashion model


With decreasing life expectancy, Celeste hastens options for disfiguring her glamour rival, with a dastardly revenge plot.

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The Catwalk


Skylar receives accolades for her mesmerizing modeling during Paris Fashion Week. Internet websites and magazines rave about her dominance as one of the highest-paid supermodels. The popularity stirs envy and intrigue. When active, Celeste was earning a mere fraction of what designers and magazines now lavish on her nemesis, for wearing similar garments.

A popular trend is to wear sleek futuristic makeup and clothing styles, enhanced by holographic accessories. Flowing garments, excited by the wind, present a more enticing visual appearance to onlookers. Beauty is subjective. Celeste views the online videos, but not as a fan.

Reviewing Options

Symptoms of her debilitating cardiomegaly intensify – dizziness, edema that distorts her once-toned legs and abdomen, crippling fatigue, and heart palpitations that feel like a dark omen. Her breathlessness adds to her eerie sense of impending doom. As these features multiply, Celeste is unable to maintain a vigorous fitness routine.

The grotesque swelling returns with a relentless vengeance. She is now taking a potent cocktail of half a dozen medications, each one a mysterious concoction of hope and despair.

With her failing health and her life in shambles, Celeste is desperate for some form of retribution, a macabre resolution to her own tragic tale. She contacts an attorney to discuss a malpractice lawsuit, but she learns that it will take too many years to litigate, likely outlasting her already dwindling lifespan.

The elusive 10-year survival rate hovers around a mere 35 percent. Celeste knows that she will likely pass away before the courts can deliver justice, leaving her enigmatic story unresolved.

Sizzle or Pop

The months of Celeste’s longevity are winding down. Breaking up Skylar’s relationship was a success. There isn’t much time for the final part of her scheme. Either of the two vengeful options under consideration would destroy Skylar’s career.

Celeste reasons that an acid splash to the face is an appropriate retaliation for the slow death she is enduring, mirroring her life’s gradual unraveling. But, Celeste herself initiated the sinister plot that backfired, she would be content with hiring a faceless enforcer to break Skylar’s kneecaps, leaving her unable to ever grace a runway again.

She still has a large nest egg with no children requiring an inheritance. After getting all her affairs in order, she budgets some funds for a special purpose.

Instead of entrusting her vengeance to Arlan, she solicits a professional hitman from the shadowy depths of the dark web. It's a place where nefarious individuals lurk, willing to do the unspeakable for the right price. Celeste posts under the screen name “PI22@,” a terse encrypted chat using the handle “Crusher.”

PI22@ “Dollars for kneecaps?”

CRu5H3R “Doable. When and where?”

PI22@ “<30 days, LA county”

CRu5H3R “M,F,C?”

PI22@ “SWF”

CRu5H3R “Celeb?”

PI22@ “Yes”

CRu5H3R “20G?”

PI22@ “10G”

CRu5H3R “15G, wire 10G advance”

PI22@ “7.5G advance, 7.5G completion”

CRu5H3R “Deal”

PI22@ “Send account info”

CRu5H3R “10-4. Need photo, address”

Put to Rest

Celeste suffers a stroke before she can wire the funds for disabling her nemesis. Her internet-enabled watch phones emergency services just in time. Dr. Andrews adds a stent, but she is paralyzed on her left side. Now hospitalized for recovery and future rehabilitation, she receives an unanticipated visit from Skylar.

“Hello patient, I heard about your incident. It looks like you’re out of the woods.”

“Skylar? You’re the last person I expected to see.”

“We’ve had our differences, but we remain colleagues.”

“Thanks for visiting. Could you give me a sip of water?”

“Sure. Here you go.”

“My time is short. I don’t know what’s on the other side of this life. But perhaps I should clear my ledger, just in case.”

“The video recording of you and my man was devious. But it proved he wasn’t loyal. So I forgive you.”

“There’s something else I should confess. Maybe it’s because of the medication. But I was obsessed with vindictiveness. So I sought out someone to break your kneecaps.” Celeste’s confession carries the weight of an unsettling revelation, her intentions now laid bare.

“You what? When?” Skylar responds with a mix of surprise and outrage.

“Don’t worry. I never paid him. This stroke interrupted the funds transfer. Do you forgive me?” Celeste’s plea for forgiveness carries a sense of desperation, her final act of contrition.

Seething with vengeful anger, Skylar avoids answering. “We keep trying to put the past behind us but it always seems to resurface. I think you should get some rest,” Skylar suggests, her words masking her true intentions.”

Before leaving the room, she increases the flow of IV medication to hasten Celeste’s demise, a final act of revenge carried out with chilling composure. Riddled with guilt but never a suspect, Skylar attends the funeral. In the years that follow, she undergoes countless cosmetic surgeries, attempting to maintain her status and appearance in an endless quest to conceal the inevitable.

Years later, Skylar receives a breast cancer diagnosis. Following a mastectomy, she undergoes breast reconstruction, a chapter of her story marked by hidden scars. Later, the cancer reemerges within a vital organ, adding another layer of mystery to her tale. The organ transplant list offers no timeframe, leaving her in a state of suspense, her fate hanging by a thread.

Distrustful of the digital organ wallet for such emergencies, she foregoes its use, gambling with her own life. In the race to image, bioprint, and transplant a replacement organ, Skylar finishes in a distant second place.

The End

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