Organ Island E9

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New Arrivals


During Sunday morning orientation, Dr. Toussaint makes some announce­ments:

“Today we are privileged to have another VIP arrive this evening. Clean the guest cabins well and make certain they are well stocked. Tonight, one of you will receive a special assignment. I will send Leonid to retrieve you for it.

“So get to work after breakfast. There will be no afternoon orientation, as I need to prepare for my guests. Everyone is dismissed.”

“Sir yes, Dr. Toussaint, sir,” they say in unison, hopefully for the last time.

During breakfast, Jayson is on edge. “Tonight is do or die, literally. One of us will lose a lung if we don’t escape. Sheena, can Aahna get some type of commu­nica­tion device?”

“After drugging Dr. Toussaint, we can get his satellite phone from his cabin. She is not sure which mobile phone is yours. Several have been confiscated and remain uncharged in a box. Aahna can grab the box if you think it’s helpful,” Sheena replies.

“Yes, just bring the whole box along with the sat phone. We can look through it later. There are charging ports on the plane,” Jayson says.

“I am going to clean this out­house for the last time. Then I am going to rest up for tonight. Everything is green light for go. You all meet up with me at my cabin after every­one is sedated,” concludes Jayson as he leaves the table.

Door Knocks

At dusk, Jayson is waiting in his cabin for the word to head to the runway. The minutes seem like hours as he feeds on his finger­nails. Finally, he hears three knocks on the door and rushes to open it.

The silhouette of a man utters a stoic request, “Jayson, come with me.”

Jayson has no idea what went wrong and no way to communicate with the others. As the figure follows him through the brush, Jayson imagines the others were either captured or killed. Perhaps they backed out. Now his lung will be cut from his chest. His heart is beating like a drum to the rhythm of distant organ music.

Suddenly, there is a loud thud behind him. Jayson crouches and pivots 180 degrees with hands interlocked behind his head. Leonid has collapsed on the ground, finally feeling the effects of the drug. Jayson, hurls Leonid’s knife and gun into the woods. Then he carries Leonid on his shoulders back to the cabin.

While binding Leonid with his own handcuffs to the bed, the others arrive.

“How did Leonid get here?” Brian wants to know.

“I thought I was a goner. But his drug kicked in after knocking on my door. Give him another shot to keep him out for the evening, Aahna,” Jayson replies.

“Check his pockets for the key to the handcuffs,” suggests Caroline.

“Good thinking,” says Jayson. “I’ll just take all the keys, we don’t know what they open. What’s the status of Dr. Toussaint?”

“He passed out during his meal. We can give him a second shot on the plane,” Aahna replies.

“Now let’s get to the airstrip. Aahna, Sheena, and Caroline go greet the guests at the gate and make sure you sedate them. Brian and I will hide by the refueling station to overpower the pilots,” Jayson urges.

Patient Crisis

Aahna realizes there is a flaw in the plan.

“Wait, what about the patient? I don’t know enough about medicine to sedate someone who is already ill. What if there are IVs hooked up to him? I might kill him with an injection!”

“Calm down. Let’s think this through.” Jayson advises. “Chances are, he will be prepped for surgery after stabilization in the hospital. He is arriving on a private jet, not an ambulance. So, if he’s walking, I say offer him your spiked coconut juice and drop him off in the cabin with the attending medical personnel.

“On the off chance he is barely conscious, we cannot care for him on the plane. So leave him in the same cabin as his attendants and hope for the best. You ladies will have to make a judgment call while we’re on the other side of the airstrip. Can you do that?”

Caroline, Aahna, and Sheena look at each other and nod. “Yes, we’ll handle it.”


Fanning his hands outward, Jayson urges, “Go, go, go to your positions!”

As he runs to the refueling station, the organ music gets louder. It is playing through speakers in the hanger next to the refueling station. Jayson yanks the wires loose to abate the annoyance.

The sound of the aircraft engine is above them. Jayson and Brian take cover nearby, watching the plane land in the distance.

Visibility is not very good. There is a faint illumination around the plane. “I can see people walking down the steps. No one is being carried or rolled on a gurney. Three are leaving, as expected. Wait! Now, a fourth is joining them,” Jayson says.

Brian, whose prior retinal transplant hinders sight, asks, “Who is it, another doctor or one of the pilots?”

“I can’t tell,” a worried Jayson replies. “If it’s the co-pilot, we’ll have to improvise.”

“Maybe one of the pilots needs to use the toilet,” suggests Brian.

“No, there’s a toilet on the jet,” Jayson replies without exhaling. “The girls need to work it out. The plane is taxying toward us. Get ready!”


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