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Show and Tell


During Thursday evening dinner with the four other captives, Caroline urges Jayson to share his idea. “Tell them your brilliant plan, Jayson.”

Downplaying his idea, Jayson says, “I would’t call it brilliant. But it’s a start. What if one of us switches places with either a patient or a doctor before transport back to the States?”

Brian pokes many holes in the plan. “That’s it? That’s your brilliant plan? There are a million things wrong with that. All doctors and patients are vetted before setting foot on this island. Dr. Toussaint and Aahna know who they are and what they look like.

“And what are you going to do with the person that is replaced? Is he going to trade places with you and fool Dr. Toussaint or Leonid? Who are you going to replace while wearing ankle bracelets? I could go on,” taunts Brian.

“Perhaps there are a few problems with this idea” Jayson admits. “At least I’m trying to think of something. Has anyone else got a better option?” Jayson asks in desperation, as everyone lowers their heads.

Without raising her eyes, Sheena says quietly, “I have an idea.” Everyone’s eyes turn toward this shy one. With her head still lowered, she says, ”Like they did us, what if we drug them all and take over the plane?” She then takes a small bite of bread.

Everyone else’s eyes then move to Jayson. “Well, that is less complicated than my idea. But they don’t dine with us. Suppose we find the drug. How would we administer it to them?”

“While you are cleaning the septic tank and we are sweeping cabins, Sheena and Aahna prepare food for everyone,” Isabela reveals. “That’s their assignment.”

“Oh, well then, that’s unexpected,” Jayson reacts.

“How does that help us? She’s one of the bad guys,” says Jayson.

“Aahna is also an unwilling servant. But she satisfies the doctor with carnal pleasures. She can get access to the drug if we include her in the escape,” Sheena adds while finally looking up.

“How do we get the pilots to cooperate?” asks Brian.

“Dr. Toussaint has a small private jet like the ones that bring patients,” says Isabela.

“But any flights must be cleared with the Indian Navy or they will be shot down. We need to leave in an approved plane on a pre-approved schedule. Ideally, we get one of the pilots to cooperate with me as the co-pilot,” Jayson reasons.

“Or take Dr. Toussaint and the pilot as hostages. They won’t let the Navy shoot us down,” reasons Brian.

Jayson agrees. “It sounds like we should switch strategies. Are you all in?”

Everyone nods affirmatively before clearing the table.

“Let’s give it some more thought tonight. Tomorrow morning we can finalize the details,” Jayson concludes.

On the way back to the cabins, Jayson notices the engine of a plane overhead. “Sounds like a new guest,” he tells Caroline.

Opposites Attract

Inside, Caroline is feeling amorous with her handcuffs off. She unbuttons her blouse to the middle of her bosom. Running fingers through her hair, she coyly smiles at Jayson from across the room while slowly rubbing her knees together.

Jayson doesn’t even notice as he ponders a plan of escape. So she falls asleep. Jayson eventually dozes off a couple of hours later.

Missing in Action

Friday morning, Jayson taps the door but there is no response from Brian. The door is unlocked so he and Caroline hurry to the orientation. Brian is there but Isabela is absent.

Dr. Toussaint addresses the four captives. “I have some sad news for you. Last night, Isabela took ill and is no longer with us. I must stress the importance of eating the food we supply to maintain good health. Caroline will move into Isabela’s former quarters and assume her duties. Carry on with your day.”

“Sir yes, Dr. Toussaint, sir,” the four say without enthusiasm.

At the dining table they speculate on what happened.

“Do you think they found out about the plan? Maybe they tortured her for information,” Jayson panics.

“She was trying to hide a failing kidney. Perhaps they killed her for having an illness,” Caroline interjects.

“Or maybe there was another surgery last night. I heard a plane arrive while walking back to the cabin,” Jayson adds.

“Let’s try not to lose our heads, though I do think we will need to add extra disinfectant to the septic tank today. Obviously, this underscores the urgency. Are we still moving forward or do you want to abort the plan?” Brian asks.

Tropical Storm

A strong wind rustles the trees and dark clouds are moving overhead.

“Tropical storms come without warning. The island is so small that they pass quickly. We should get back to our cabins and continue the conversation later!” Brian urges.

Caroline and Jayson clear away the food as quickly as possible and hurry back their cabin.

As thunder, lightning and rain deluges the camp, Caroline huddles next to Jayson in his bed for warmth. “Do you think this rickity cabin will survive the storm?”

“This place has been here for at least two years. So I imagine we’ll be fine,” Jason replies, as Caroline hugs him tighter with water leaking through the roof. Then lightening hits a tree that catches fire near the front door.


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