Organ Island E10

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⚠️ Reader Discretion: Describes violent action.

The Resistance


In the darkness, the large private jet rolls up to the refueling station.

When the pilot exits, Brian restrains him while Jayson runs onto the plane to look for the co-pilot. He comes back out and runs to Brian.

“No one else is on the airplane. Where’s the co-pilot?” Jayson asks the pilot.

“He took ill so he is staying here at the infirmary,” the pilot says.

“Then, you get to fly us off this island,” Jayson replies.

“You aren’t the one signing my paycheck,” says the pilot.

“Brian, tie him up for now. We must get the doctor and the others.” Fueled by adrenaline, Jayson continues, “If we need to, we can do some strong-arm convincing later.”

Deteriorating Plan

Jayson uses one of Leonid’s keys to unlock the pump and begin refueling the plane. Then the two run back the entranceway for an update from the ladies. Caroline is waiting. She begins rambling:

“We had an unexpected arrival and did not know what to do. He said he was the co-pilot and wanted to go to the infirmary. We knew you planed to have him fly the plane. But he said he wanted a gastroenterology exam. Aahna offered him the coconut juice but he refused it…”

“I get the picture. Where are they now?” Jayson wants to know.

“We shot him in the arm with the needle and he passed out. Everyone else drank the spiked juice. There are only two golf carts. Aahna and Sheena are trying to drag them into the cabins,” Caroline replies.

“I should go help. From there we still need to get Dr. Toussaint and the phones,” Brian suggests.

“You’re right. I’ll go with you,” Jayson says. “Caroline, stay right here in case we miss them. If they do return, have them wait for us. This is the rendezvous location. You got that?”

“Yes, of course. We will all stay together here until you arrive,” Caroline confirms.


Brian leads Jayson through the forest shortcuts as fast as he can. Some of the paths are obstructed by fallen trees from the recent storm. The detours take extra time. When they arrive, the doctors and co-pilot are laying on the ground in front of Sheena’s golf cart.

Sheena anxiously informs them, “Jayson, Brian, I’m glad you’re here. The two of us could only get the patient into one of the cabins. Aahna went to get the phones.”

“Brian, let’s get the doctors and co-pilot into the rest of the cabins,” Jayson suggests.

Together, Jayson, Brian, and Sheena then drive to Dr. Toussaint, but do not see Aahna or her golf cart.

“This can’t be happening! It looks like Aahna has the phones but we have a problem. Dr. Toussaint will not fit in the cart with all of us,” Jayson exclaims.

“I will help you load him up and go back on foot,” says Brian.

“That may be our best option. Sheena can help stabilize the doctor over the rough terrain and navigate me back to the rendezvous location. But, Brian, we need you on the plane, so don’t let me down,” urges Jayson.

By the time Jayson and Sheena get back to the rendezvous spot, Aahna has joined Caroline.

Aahna asks, “Where’s Brian?”

“Long story. Brian will be here. Right now we need to finish refueling that plane and restrain Dr. Toussaint onboard. Aahna, wait here with one cart for you and Brian when he arrives. Caroline and Sheena come with me,” Jayson replies.

Pins and Needles

After tying Dr. Toussaint to one of the seats in the plane, he begins to awaken.

“What do we do? He’s waking up!” Caroline shouts.

“Sedate him with an injection,” suggests Jayson.

“Aahna has the needles. She’s back at the gate,” Sheena replies.

Wham! Jayson socks the doctor in the jaw as hard as he can. “It’s the best we can do for now.” While wringing his hand, Jayson says, “I hope I didn’t break my wrist.”

Gentle Persuasion

Jayson tells Caroline to begin charging any phones she can find.

Looking through the box, she reveals, “Here, Jayson, I think this is your watch.”

“That’s it but it needs to be charged. Otherwise I’ll use the sat phone or one of the other mobile phones that gets charged up,” Jayson says. After checking the fuel gauge, he goes back to reason with the pilot.

“You see we have Dr. Toussaint onboard. Are you going to cooperate?” Jayson asks that pilot.

“Looks like you lost your Muscle. Am I supposed to be intimidated by you?” the pilot asks.

“He’s on his way. Trust me, you rather deal with me than him,” Jayson threatens.

“What’s your plan? Are you going to fight the Navy?” the pilot asks.

“No fighting. We will leave the island according to schedule without incident,” Jayson replies.

“It’s taking you awhile to refuel. What makes you think you’re still on schedule?” asks the pilot.

“I know the timing,” bluffs Jayson. “Do you want to tell me where you were heading after this?”

“I thought you had the schedule,” says the condescending pilot.

“I’m done here. My ‘Muscle’ will deal with you shortly,” Jayson reacts in frustration.

He heads back to the plane to look for flight records. The cockpit is much more modern than the Cessna he flies so he is not sure where to begin.

Seeing his frustration, Caroline interjects, “Jayson, you got this. Just tell Sheena and me what you need us to do.”

Poor Communication

Jayson looks out the door of the plane, but doesn’t see anyone coming. He goes back to the cockpit to check the fuel gauge and it is more than half full.

“Caroline, give me the sat phone. Sheena, take the golf cart back to the rendezvous place and get a status update. Don’t stay there. Just get the info and come back. Understand?”

“Yes, right away!” Sheena replies.

Jayson grasps the satellite phone in his sweaty palms, worried that the call might somehow be traceable by the Indian Navy. “It looks like I am going to have to fly this plane myself. I need to call my flight instructor for guidance.”

“Do what you think is necessary. We are leaving this island tonight, whatever it takes.” Caroline replies.

Jayson hears the sound of a golf cart rolling up. “Is that them?” he asks, with excitement.

“It’s just Sheena,” Caroline responds.

While stepping onto the plane, Sheena shouts, “They’re coming! The rest are coming, right behind me!”

Torture Test

Jayson leaves the cockpit to confer with Brian near the airplane hanger. While Aahna is sitting in the same cart, he requests of her, “Any flight scheduling information will be helpful. Get on the plane, I need to speak with Brian alone.”

“Brian, the pilot is not cooperating. We have no one to fly the plane. Can you exert some coercion” For motivation, Jayson adds, “Think of it as retribution for these guys removing your eye and keeping you in shackles for months.”

“You’re back with your Muscle,” the pilot mocks. “If you hurt me, who will fly the plane? It doesn’t seem that you worked this out.”

Without a word, Brian punches the intransigent pilot in the gut. He then grabs the pilot’s hair, pulling his head all the way back to expose his Adam’s apple. Flicking it with his finger, Brian says, “What a delicate piece of fruit this is.”

After punching him again in the gut and across the face, Brian says, “I’m ready to get started.”

Jayson intervenes, “I’m giving you one last chance to fly this plane where I tell you. Then I am going to take control of it and let my Muscle finish you off.”

Spitting out blood, the obstinate pilot says, “You can’t do worse to me than the people behind this organization. Fly the plane yourself!”

Surpass Physical Limit

Brian punches the pilot three more times, until he loses consciousness. Then Brian grasps his own chest and falls to his knees before slumping in a fetal position on his side.

Jayson shouts, “Brian! Brian, what’s wrong? Aahna, get out here. Something’s wrong with Brian!”

Aahna rushes out and says, “I am no cardiology professional but it looks like he went into cardiac arrest. Roll him over on his back and loosen his collar so I can begin chest compressions.”

Caroline catches up and asks, “What happened?”

“I don’t know. One minute Brian was punching the pilot, then he grabs his own chest and passes out,” Jayson responds in confusion.

Still doing chest compressions, Aahna interjects, “I can’t get a pulse. He’s not breathing. What do you want me to do?”

“Sheena, check the plane for a defibrillator!” Jayson urges while taking over the chest compressions. “It should be mounted on the wall, perhaps a flat red plastic case with a symbol on it.”

Sheena returns with the defibrillator. “Stand back!” Jayson says as he tries twice to shock a heart rhythm without success.

Aahna says, “It has been too long. We can’t save him. Perhaps he developed a blood clot from wearing shackles too long.”

“Everybody, get back on the plane!” Jayson commands as he pauses over Brian’s body in disbelief.


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