Opposites Attract E6

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⚠️ Expect conversations and behaviors to heat up as escalating attraction builds within this episode. Continue with discretion.

Mature content advisory

Early Regrets


When Alyssa gets inside her house in the early evening, she is trembling both from her assertive behavior and for making stupid mistakes. Out loud, she begins talking to herself.

“Without any protection, and no one knowing my location, I was begging him to take me into a hotel room. Am I a gullible tease making outlandish promises, or am I really going through with this?”

Tamara, exits the bathroom to ask, “I couldn’t make out everything you said. What was it—something about gullible?”

Startled by her mother’s presence, Alyssa replies, “Oh nothing. I was just thinking out loud about some customers at work.”

“Where have you been, dressed up like that? It looks like you were on a date. What’s his name?”

“I went to lunch with a friend after work.”

”Did I hear you shout ‘I love you’ before walking in the front door?”

Ignoring the question, Alyssa heads to her room while saying, “Sorry, I’m behind on my chores. Let me change and finish them up! Perhaps you can look in the freezer for something to eat and I’ll join you for dinner.”

During the meal for which Alyssa has no appetite, she is evasive about her own day’s activities. She keeps steering the conversation to what her mother did today. The only way to avoid Tamara’s perceptive questions without lying is for Alyssa to retire to her room early. She then sends a text to Brad.

Alyssa Wonderful time! 😅 Close call! 🤗 Mother was home. 😬 Looking forward to our next 🗓. ❤️

Brad 💋❤️

Confrontation Results

The next morning, Alyssa’s apprehension over her licentious behavior dissipates. In fact she takes it up a notch. Alyssa discovers some sexy lingerie in her mother’s bedroom drawer to wear during her exhibition.

Brad texts Alyssa $200 during the performance that also catches the eye of Frank, a neighborhood watch member who originally brought more casual incidents of underdress to Tamara’s attention. Living directly across the street, he has no plans to complain about this exhibition, though. Alyssa prolongs the show by dancing to exotic music when she begins receiving emojis.

Brad 😍♥️🥳🎶

Afterwards, Alyssa changes into her own underwear with a pullover sweater to lounge around the house. Four hundred dollars richer, she calls her boss to quit. She then texts Brad to learn more details.

Alyssa I just quit my job, thank you, thank you! My mother and I will have that talk as soon as she gets home. Call me. I want to hear your voice. ♥️

Brad ...

While staring at Brad’s three dots on her phone, the doorbell rings.

Alyssa quickly ushers Brad in for an embrace. She then says, “I still need to talk to my mother.”

“I know. It was just too awkward discussing this sensitive subject on the phone with my wife in the house. Anyway, we spoke last night. Her initial reaction was to promise regular relations. But she couldn’t.

“She thanked me for being patient this long and apologized for tormenting me. Then she said that she hopes we don't fall in love with each other.”

“I can’t believe my ears. She wants to dictate our emotions? Did you agree to those terms without consulting me?”

“No. I just listened to her. What she described is a non­monogamous relationship.”

“It seems like the pieces are coming together. So if I ever meet your wife and say I’m Alyssa, she knows and won’t interfere with what we should be doing by then. Is that right? Can we hold hands and kiss in front of her?”

“Pretty much, but I don’t recommend flaunting affection in full view. Here’s the odd part. She would like the three of us to go out together at a restaurant so she can meet you and see us interact.”

“That sounds confrontational. Have you ever seen a female cat fight in public? It’s not a pretty sight, especially with all of the things on a dining table within easy reach.”

“My wife has already given us a green light. She just wants to know who she’s sharing me with. If it’s too awkward, I can just show her a photo of you.”

“Let’s go with that. I’m still uncomfortable with the word sharing.”

“Try not to dwell on her right now. Focus on the good news…. From now on we can fulfill our fantasies without her opposition.

Pausing to look at a clock, Alyssa begins yielding apace to her urges. “We have enough time. Instead of telling my mother what I’m going to do, I’ll tell her what I already did.”

“During these crucial moments, you should focus on preparing for the most important discussion of our lives. Your mother might respect me a little more if you tell her our goals for the future. That’s something I’ll wait up all night to hear about.”

Alyssa replies, “Do you still want me more than anyone?

“Of course I do! Give me a kiss. You’re beautiful.

“Okay. I’ll call you later. Now just go! I still love you.”

Daughter’s Avowal

Brad returns to his home. Soon Alyssa will be on the defensive end of a difficult conversa­tion. Fiddling with different earrings, she tries to determine if she should appear professional or casual.

Alyssa is pacing the floor while mouthing various introductions when Tamara opens the door. At half past 6 o’clock, she steps in with takeout food that she picked up on the way home.

“Put that down, please. We need to talk,” Alyssa says with urgency.

“Can I at least remove my shoes?” Tamara asks.

“Yes, but listen.”

“Child, are you going to tell me you’re pregnant?”

“If so, you ruined the surprise. Just listen, please!”

Tamara makes a gesture like she is zipping her lips shut.

“I love you… and… it seems whenever I think you’re part of a clueless generation, you prove to be wiser.

“Right now I don’t know if you’re going to slap me, tell me to pack my bags, or shout until my eardrums burst…. All are justifiable reactions. Here goes. My desires are spiraling out of control, causing me to act in ways you wouldn’t expect from your daughter. You were right about my crush on Brad. So I intensified my flirting.”

“You’re already on a first-name basis, but how? What did you do?”

“You were also right about me going on a date yesterday. We went out to lunch at a fancy restaurant. On the way there, and during the meal, I asked him all kinds of difficult questions about his feelings for me, his relationship with his wife, and I expressed how I feel about him.”

“How did that go?”

“Not everything went well, but it was mostly great. I don’t want to hide anything from you. But some, if not all, of the conversation, is private. So I’m both redacting details and swearing you to secrecy. We acknowledged our age difference. I asked how far our relationship could go, and if he plans on telling his wife.”

“All good questions. I want to know the answers too.”

“My provocative behavior is escalating to get him to, you know, be with me. We both want to, so my first time may happen very soon. His wife is allowing it. And since you’d somehow find our anyway, I’m telling you in advance—.” Alyssa pauses for a moment to see if she will get slapped.

Reacting spontaneously, Tamara warns, “Perhaps I should install cameras and monitor your activity in here.”

“We have no plans of disrespecting your house. But if, in a moment of weakness I succumb…. Is that a video you really want to watch?”

“You’re right. No videos! Please restrain yourselves. Don’t let me walk in on you doing it in this house.”

“Like I said, that’s not the plan. But this is the closest I’ve ever been in my life. It’s too embarrassing to tell you everything I’m feeling. Before I ask you for some pointers, you probably have more questions, and hopefully won’t ground me.”

Rational Explanation

“Where do I begin? Thank you for treasuring our relationship enough to apprise me of your plans. It’s a memory you hold an entire lifetime. I’m more shocked than angry. But don’t be fearful of me. You’re being honest. I won’t slap you and haven’t grounded you since you were 15.

“Putting on my Mom Hat, I must say that this decision of yours seems premature and unwise. You should expect me to say that much. Relationships usually begin with a courtship lasting many months. During this time, you learn about each other, and meet family to determine compatibility.

“Where you live, household income, hobbies, the size of your family, religion, health insurance, and a hundred other details must weave themselves into your conversations. You go through the sorrow of breakups when things don’t go well. Eventually, you discover your match.

“What do you have in common with Brad besides carnal desires? Focusing on intimacy from the outset blinds you to potential problems. You’re not just circumventing practical cautions, you may be sabotaging future happiness. Can you tell me how this developed and why his wife is okay with it?”

“Brad felt that I was rushing things. He expected that our relationship might gradually develop over a period of months. But I didn’t want to be lurking in the shadows of his wife.”

“I agree with most of that reasoning. Go on.”

“After lots of questions, Brad said what I thought—that our lunch was really a date. He told his wife he was taking me out, and she didn’t object. So I asked if either of them expected things to escalate between us.

“He wasn’t sure whether his wife approved of us doing any more than eating together. So I said he needed to get that clear with his wife to keep from endangering me.”

“And did he do all that after one date?”

“Yes, last night he told her. In fact, she wants to meet me.”

“I really don’t want you to get hurt physically or emotionally. Why would his wife agree to this? You don’t know these people well. Are they paying you for this?”

“Um, touchy subject. All I can say is that she hasn’t been able to perform wifely duties for many years. So she knows he needs what I’m offering.”

“Putting the age difference aside for the moment, of all the eligible bachelors in the world, why choose a married man?”

“Brad needs me and is proud to be with me. He is my smart and funny prince who will elevate my dull life. It’s more than a crush. We love each other.”

“You keep saying he’s funny. But I can’t see the humor in him desiring to violate my little girl. What if he’s abusive?”

“Please don’t say violate. It ignores the fact that your little girl is now a willing woman. I’m happy, excited, and a little scared. You’re an unlikely candidate to share my joy in this situation, but you’re my closest friend.”

“I’m also scared for you because I love you.

“Of course, Momma, I value your advice. But detailing my close calls is the kind of stuff I’d share with a girlfriend my age. It should be enough to say I enticed him. During the closest of calls, he insisted that I talk to you first. That’s the type of gentleman he is.”

Tamara’s head is swirling with puzzlement. “This entire thing seems unreal! It’s the biggest conundrum we’ve ever faced together. I don’t know what kind of aphrodisiac Brad put in that bowl of Chinese food. But it led to a complex relationship within a few days! Maybe I didn’t eat enough!

“The only thing I can think of that would accelerate a relationship this quickly is if you’re sexting. I also warned you about prancing around this house, in full view, with very little on—regardless of how warm the temperature is!”

Pausing to formulate a response, Alyssa replies, “I rather keep my methods private. Without elaboration, can we just agree that I enticed Brad? So don’t blame him, because I lured him in.”

How you’ve progressed so much in such a short period of time is beyond my comprehension. It’s all still a lot to process. I need to recognize that a more mature woman shares this house. Your revelation makes it imperative for me to confess things I hoped to never divulge.”


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