Opposites Attract E2

Novella Miniseries · Possible Cameo with Login


⚠️ This story includes voyeurism and situations that may disturb some readers. Use discretion if you continue.

Mature content advisory

Texting or Dating?


Alyssa goes into her room and lays on her bed, wondering if she actually has a crush on Mr. Dallier. Then she remembers she is supposed to text him about the meal that he brought to her home.

Alyssa My Momma and I enjoyed the food. Big thanks! ♥️

She then panics at the emoji she routinely sends to her mother. So she sends another message to explain.

Alyssa I was trying to edit my text to say, ‘We ♥️ the 🍲’ but I accidentally pressed send. Please reply. 😬

Brad Understood. Happy you enjoyed it. ♥️ Oops!

Alyssa 😂 You make me laugh so much.

Brad Heart emojis and kiss emojis sent for the first time are the two that cause the most stress when there is no reply.

Alyssa I would ♥️ to visit a nice restaurant some day…

Brad I’m sure you will.

Alyssa I mean with you.

Brad Maybe. We’ll see.

Alyssa No pressure. Just an FYI.

Brad Sure. Talk later.

Alyssa Goodnight.

Alyssa’s heart is racing while scrolling through the text exchange. She wonders, ‘Could my mother be right? I can’t have a crush on an older man.’ Yet, she is restless the entire night.

Tamara leaves for work much earlier than Alyssa. The daughter begins getting ready for her 10 o’clock morning shift at a nearby fast food restaurant. After showering and putting on clean underwear she walks into the living room position that is visible from Brad’s window.

She does not see him. Pausing with second thoughts about her actions, she sends him a text.

Alyssa GM! Are you home today?

The brief delay feels like hours, as she awaits a reply. Her excitement builds at the sight of three dots. Finally, he hits the send button.

Brad Yes. I work at home.

Alyssa Really? I’m getting ready for work and noticed it’s a beautiful day outside. I love the way large picture windows let all the sunlight in.

Brad I haven’t looked out yet. Let me take a peek…

Alyssa can now see that he has full view of her while continuing to text.

Alyssa Do you see what I mean?

Brad Oh my. Yes. It’s beautiful. Where do you work, Alyssa?

Alyssa I just started working at the Burger Bun a week ago. It’s just a six-block walk.

Brad I don’t want you to be late. Is there anything else?

From her peripheral vision, she sees he is still looking her way and she wants to extend the text conversation.

Alyssa I should have time to get dressed. If you see me running, then I’m in trouble. Anyway, I want to drop the bowl off. What’s a good time?

Brad I can give you a ride to work, and you just bring the bowl out to the car.

Alyssa Thank you so much! That’s perfect. I’ll be ready in 20 minutes.

At this point, Alyssa wants to make eye contact and wave to acknowledge his admiration but he is no longer in view. So she puts on her unflattering polyester shirt and cap with name badge. Instead of pants, she dons a short skirt before waiting on the front porch.

Brad rolls up without honking. She slides onto the front seat.

“Nice car. Where should I put your bowl?”

“In the back seat is fine.”

While reaching between the seats to stabilize the bowl, Brad notices that Alyssa barely buttoned her top.

“I hate to see you get fired so soon for violating the dress code. You may want to finish buttoning your blouse before strapping on your seatbelt.”