Mature Romance

Monocular Tutor E6

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Bad decision repercussions are now directing Lloyd’s life course. Surmounting conflicts in less-than-ideal relationships tests his emotional limits.

Mature content advisory

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The Summer Breakup


Rebecca riddles Lloyd with rhetorical questions. “How many bad things need to happen before we admit being together is a mistake? Will Vicky resist posting her baby bump on social media? Will she still want you after discovering you got two women pregnant? Whose hand will you hold in which delivery room?

“Gaining a fiancé and getting pregnant are two of life’s biggest moments. Do you have any idea what it’s like for me to be in a relationship without being able to share one joy with anyone?

“Every week, my mother reminds me that I’m getting older, while pressuring me to start a family. You treat me like an emotional prisoner with conjugal visits. Now you expect me to ignore your simultaneously pregnant—mistress? Believe me. I can think of worst names for her!”

Lloyd interrupts, begging for reconciliation. “There must be a solution we haven’t considered. Siblings are involved. So I imagine that someday you and Vicky might become cordial. Do you need time to process this before we discuss it some more?”

“You consider her child and mine siblings? Like we’re all one big happy baby-birthing family? I need you to begin processing our breakup.

“Too many ugly things are about to become public. Depending on how promiscuous she is, you may have transmitted an infection to me. The one thing that’s crystal clear is that my fiancé got someone else pregnant.

“The only silver lining is that with the school year over, I don’t have to hide these negative feelings, with you in my classroom. Stay away from my house, or my neighbor will call the police.”

“I refuse to break up with you. Understandably you’re upset. I’m open to suggestions on what I could say to Vicky. When you cool down, it should become clear that I’m still the same person who loves you and that, although early, most of what’s happening is what we anticipated.”

Rebecca then emphatically severs the engagement by belittling Lloyd. “I’m livid! You can’t underestimate my incendiary fury over this. When I say it’s over between us, it’s not your choice. I’m leaving you. How would you raise two families? You don’t even have one job.

“All along you’ve been a schoolboy masquerading as a man. It’s time to grow up! Understand that we will not see each other this summer. Don’t expect me to coach you on what to say to your knocked-up girlfriend. Now you better go before I say more very hurtful things!”

Lloyd’s hope of marrying Rebecca seems vanquished. A supposed temporary physical relationship with Vicky resulted in a pregnancy of entrapment that Lloyd has no plans of supporting.

Summer Family

During the summer, Rebecca does not return Lloyd’s phone calls. After a month of his persistence, she changes her number.

Through conversations with Lloyd’s and Vicky’s parents regarding the pregnancy, he learns Vicky has two children from high school. Her parents suggest that the newlyweds could move into their home until Lloyd’s career stabilizes.

Becoming a father to all of Vicky’s children while continuing their education is not Lloyd’s preference. But the seductress keeps enticing him. So he never provides a definitive reply.

The next school year begins with Rebecca on maternity leave. By all outward indications, no one can come between Lloyd and Vicky’s romance.

When showing off her baby bump, Vicky tells everyone who the father is, and that he will soon be her husband. His fatherhood and wedding announcements are not the only things that will make him persona non grata.


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