DoppelMatch For You E2

Novella Miniseries

EPISODE 2 – Search Results

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Damage Control


Based on data points that the customer provided, Candidate A, living in a remote country, has a 30 percent facial match without English fluency, and without desired skills or interests.

Candidate B has a 40 percent facial match with common interests but is 15 years older than the target age.

Beautiful Candidate C has only a 10 percent facial match but has most common interests and lives within the United States.

Matthew at DoppelMatch reaches out to Candidate A to discuss the service and options for improving the match. She is not in the company database. On an international phone call, Matthew says, “Hello, Miss Karacas…, Judith Karacas?”

“Yes, this is Judith.”

“Great, this is Matthew Oneal of DoppelMatch. Thank you for responding to my email.”

“Yes, I remember. I have questions.”

“At no cost to you, I would like to fly you to upstate New York and further explain our service.”

“You are American husband? No?”

“Not me Miss Karacas. He has some requirements. Do you understand?”

“Me come to marry American husband, yes?”

“We need to improve your English and a few more things first. Can I send you an airplane ticket. If it does not work out, we will fly you back home.”

“Yes, fly ticket. I will be good wife.”

“Great, I will send ticket today. Can you come this week?”

“Yes, I fly this week.”

“Okay, see you then.”

“Thanks. Bye bye.”

Many women in countries with substandard living conditions dream of marrying any American husband who is “wealthy” by comparison. An actual multi­millionaire has higher standards.

Mr. Abernathy is seeking an athletic wife who is conversant in English with a desire to have children. Her preferred interests are attending ballet, opera, and baseball. She should enjoy hiking, biking, baking, and cross­word puzzles.

It is apparent that Judith Karacas needs much work. She requires a better grasp of the English language before delving into some of the other interests. But even with that, her figure requires cosmetic shaping and a plastic surgeon needs to get her facial appearance to at least 60 percent of the target.

Matthew plans to have a plastic surgeon take high-resolution photos. Then, based on his experience, manipulate the images to demonstrate how he can correct her appearance. Matthew will show these images to the client as Candidate D.

Foreign Wife

Because of her limited English and over­eagerness to marry, Judith likely does not understand the ramifica­tions of the binding contract. She does enjoy the luxury accommoda­tions while in the United States and agrees to let a photo­grapher take pictures.

For 60 percent resemblance, the surgeon recommends rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and abdominoplasty. Recovery should last six months.

“I suggest avoiding augmentation mammoplasty since it will take a year for complete recovery. Let the husband pay for a boob job if it is important to him,” he advises.

Matthew shows before and after pictures to Judith for her cooperation in the medical procedures. “For good husband, we can make you look like this, okay?”

“Ah, very beautiful,” she says with heavy accent.

Pointing at the comparison photos, Matthew replies, “Yes, do you understand that a doctor can change you from this to this?”

“Makeup now?”

“No, not makeup. It is surgery. No scars after 6 months, okay?”

“For husband?”

“Yes, for good husband.”

“Okay, let’s go,” says Judith.

“Not yet.” Handing her a listening device, Matthew explains, “To help your English improve, you listen to this recording with our speech therapist and linguist.”


Matthew contacts Franklin Abernathy to share preliminary search results. He is eager to come in. When he arrives, Matthew tries to lower his expectations.

“Mr. Abernathy, we have some great looking options at this preliminary phase. Remember, our premium service includes enhancing candidates to achieve a better match.”

“Okay, let me see what you have so far.”

Showing four candidates, Matthew asks, “Do you see any that are leaning in the right direction?”

“I don’t see much of a resemblance for any of them.”

“Candidate D is a 60 percent match. Candidate C, while having a different appearance, is quite beautiful in my opinion.”

“Yes, I see that. But for what I am spending, I expect at least an 80 percent match. Can you stir it up again and show me more options next week?”

“New candidates are continually coming online. We can also remove non-essential data points to widen the pool.”

“Okay, do that. I look forward to our next meeting.”

Before sending Judith Karacas back to her country, Matthew contacts the plastic surgeon to ask what it would take to achieve an 80 percent facial match.

“If you are willing to reconstruct her jaw, lengthen her chin, replace teeth with implants, and alter cheeks to match the smile, we could get close to 80 percent. But you might as well include the mammography because you are looking at a year or more for complete healing.”

“Is that what you recommend?” Matthew asks the cosmetic surgeon.

“No, I never recommend such extensive surgery. But, if you are willing to pay astronomical fees, I won’t turn down your money. Remember, children will inherit the unaltered looks. My advice is to find a better match that requires only minor adjustments—perhaps a rhinoplasty.”

“Thanks for your expert suggestions.”

Matthew removes data points to rely more on appear­ance and English proficiency. The results this time are shocking. Candidate E has a 60 percent facial match with most common interests and skills. Candidate F has an 80 percent facial match with no common interests. Candidate G has a 100 percent match in facial resemblance, common interests, and skills. That is a higher rating than a twin birth.

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