Carly Carpe Diem E8

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Disillusioned by Hollywood experiences, Carly asks, “Do you think, I could become a truck driver?”

In response, Diana admits, “You do recognize by now that a cross-country truck driver is a glorified homeless person who sleeps in her vehicle, right?”

“True. But it’s exciting,” Carly concludes.

“Do you even know how to drive a car?”

“I never have but I’m a fast learner.”

“You can learn to drive a car in weeks. It takes at least a year to work your way up and qualify to drive a big rig. During all that time, you’ll need to live in one place.

“Then your first truck will cost over 100 thousand dollars. That’s a lot of waitress tips. Alternatively, you could work as an employee at a company that owns fleet of trucks.”

“It’s beginning to sound like we won’t be partners forever,” Carly realizes with sadness.

“I’m afraid not. But it isn’t over yet. We have a few more coast-to-coast trips before our eight-month training period is over. During that time, you can decide where you want to settle down. I will even invest a few bucks to get you situated and help you find a job.”

“Without experience, what kind of job can I get?”

“Remember me telling you that I worked as a waitress? Then I drove a bus and worked my way up. After being my co-pilot for six or more months, you have valuable experience that will help you ace a geography test. You could load trucks and work your way up from there.”

Diana gets a hauling job that takes them to Chicago. Eventually, they pass through more than 32 states. Throughout their eight months together, they encounter pirates, pass up hitchhikers, and ward off advances at truck stops. In addition to answering Carly’s intimate questions, Diana cautions her against drug abuse, excessive piercing and tattoos.

Carly decides to lose the punk-rock look and settle down in Kansas City. She gets a job at a food processing plant that has a trucking department. It is near the middle of the country, so there are more chances for Diana to visit. But there is one more lesson Carly needs to learn.


For two full minutes, Diana and Carly stand beside the truck that has been their home for eight months. Three feet apart, with arms down to their sides, there is an occasional fidget with their hair in the gentle breeze. Though their minds race with many happy memories, they remain speechless.

Finally, Diana says, “I taught you about the birds and the bees…”

Carly’s heart beats faster as she erroneously anticipates where this is going.

Diana continues, “After much nurturing, feeding, and training, the time has come for me to nudge you out of the nest like a mother bird. I have full confidence that you will soar to new heights.”

Carly expresses with difficulty, “My heart races as I leave this truck for what may be the last time.” Trying to hold back tears, she breaks up saying, “I have learned so much!”

Diana interrupts her tears by announcing, “I love you too, Carly.”

With flashbacks of innuendos, Carly shouts, “Wait, what?”

“I love you and will miss you,” Diana reiterates. “That’s the feeling you have a hard time expressing.”

“No one has ever straight out told me that. My heart is fluttering so let me think this through. I don’t want to misinterpret your affection again,” Carly says while fanning her face with her hands.

With eager anticipation, Carly asks, “Wow! You just admitted that we love each other. As a real adult now, does this mean you’re accepting my ongoing consent and allowing me to stay?”

“Not quite, my dear.”

Guessing again while stepping closer with wide-open eyes, Carly swallows a lump in her throat and compromises, “I’m still shaking, in a good way. Are you accepting my consent once, before we part?”


Diana turns somber as she explains. “Ever since your assessment of our relationship, including what you keep referring to as the notorious San Diego event, I have been soul-searching my true feelings for you. This is difficult to confess, because some of your suspicions are true, which makes me feel deceitful.

“Even though I had no plans of acting on it, I admit to saying or doing things that teased your affection. For that I ask your forgiveness. I am just as vulnerable as you to feeling desirable.

“You deserve to know what was going through my mind in San Diego. I have been molested so it hurts me to hear you imply that was my intention. The plan was simply to cut your hair and have a good night’s sleep.

“As the first hitchhiker I ever picked up, you were still quite a curiosity to me—especially during the first week. I wondered, why is this pretty girl so trusting? Is she naive or running a con? An unsavory character could have killed me in my sleep and stole my truck.

“Alone on the road, I sleep with one eye open and knives within easy reach. Instead of sleeping with weapons in the motel, I felt at peace and unthreatened laying exposed to you. In the morning, I awoke with you laying peacefully in another bed next to mine, just as exposed and trusting. That was a beautiful moment to witness. I relaxed my defenses because in my mind, you were the daughter I always wanted.

“You must admit that if my intention was to molest, I had many opportunities. Every day on the road, there have been occasions where you were half dressed or changing clothes in the truck. In San Diego, while you were in the shower, during the BSE, and as you laid on your bed were all uneventful moments.

“With shame, I admit that I was feeding off of your attraction to me, while admiring your own beauty. Like a school girl playing hard-to-get, I kept telling you I’m off limits. Your persistence gratified my aging desirableness.

“For many years, I was in a loveless marriage. Eventually, I left my husband that denied me of affection. Now I realize I must be causing similar turmoil in your heart.

“Maturity teaches that you can love someone without them being your lover. There are different types of love. What I feel for you is closer to the non-sexual type that a person normally has for family members.

“You have my consent to hug me, to kiss me, hold my hand, run your fingers through my hair, or ask me any awkward questions. I do not want to hinder your opportunity to have children. It is something my husband withheld from me.

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