Carly Carpe Diem E7

Novella Miniseries · Possible Cameo with Login


⚠️ Use Discretion: Mature dialogue. Begin story here.



On the highway, while listening to “Young Girl” by Gary Puckett and The Union Gap on satellite radio, Carly says, “That’s my jam…. I’m not saying this to brag but I must have had a growth spurt or something.

“Maybe you noticed the bras you bought me seem tight. I’d like some new ones when you get a chance, please.” Climbing between the seats, she continues, “I’ll be in the back for a minute.”

For some time now, Diana has been trying to ignore Carly’s provocative­ness. But since they openly discuss many topics of a sexual nature, she wonders if Carly is receivng mixed signals. This is something that Diana feels she needs to address with clarity.


“Let’s take a walk,” Diana continues. “I could be wrong, but my gut rarely lies. Sometimes I sense your acceptance to the notion of a female taking advantage of you.”

Misinterpreting Diana’s words, Carly replies, “I’m glad you finally asked. Right now about sixty percent of me is terrified of the prospect. The other forty is curious. When we met, you seemed like the type… who likes women.

“Since that’s my belief, there are times when you say or do things that make the forty percent say, ‘Okay, this is about to happen now.’ When it doesn’t, I wonder if it’s because I’m not pretty enough or perhaps I need to express clear consent.

“There’s no denying we were halfway there in the San Diego motel. Some of my reactions were immature, but we seemed to rebound when you were complimenting me. I’m not making any of this up!

“That seems to leave one other reason why nothing has happened between us.” With a deep breath, Carly shakes out her arms and continues, “If consent is the issue, I want to make that clear.”

“That’s quite a revelation,” Diana replies. “You have apparently been giving this much thought. So I am glad we are having this conversation.

“It is normal at your age to experience conflicting sexual feelings. Your hormones are peaking. This doesn’t mean you are gay. Hopefully, your upbringing won’t cause you to rule men out altogether.

“It pains me that you must go through this confusing time of development while isolated from girls and boys your age. I am the only outlet for your emotions.

“I want to say your consent is flattering. But it saddens me to hear you have been riding around, wondering when I will molest you. I’m not a les­bian.

“Then prove it. If you’re really attracted to men, how come you’ve never excused yourself to be with one? Even if I wasn’t watching, you’d be teaching me that it’s something normal to imitate, and that you aren’t waiting to have your way with me?”

“I’d be no better than your mother who was sleeping around with no commitments. You should share your beauty and virginity with someone closer to your age anyway. Together, you can enjoy a full life raising a family.

“I often speak candidly regarding sexual matters. This is so you can make informed choices about how to protect your body. It is not to groom you for myself. I hope this does not hurt you or make you feel undesirable.”


“If this was a Hollywood movie, the scene would probably have taken a different direction. Despite a little disappoint­ment, I appreciate your clarity. Mis­under­stand­ings like this can end friendships. I really hope I didn’t blow it by making things awkward between us. Even if I was wrong about your intentions, I want you to continue teaching me.

“Who else can I talk to about breast care, periods, masturbation, protection against rape, and all kinds of stuff like that? I still have questions.”

Diana reassures her, “Those are good questions. I am not deterred from having these awkward conversations together. Your gynecologist, future mate, and children could also be safe audiences under the right circumstances.”

In tactful disagreement with the overall assessment, Carly continues, “Once again you impress me with the way you navigate this uncomfortable topic—neatly explaining away my observations and landing us right back where we started. Perhaps the strong feelings I have for you are just passing hormones like you say.

“We both know that I’m your Carly. But it seems like you’re telling me to find a boyfriend and forget about you. Your willingness to sacrifice personal happiness for my benefit is admirable.”

Diana stares directly into Carly’s eyes with hesitation and says, “When I call you my Carly you seem to have a different understanding of the meaning.”

“You can’t fool me with words anymore. It means I belong to you and am special to you. Am I wrong?”

“Well, that’s pretty accurate, you little lawyer. Our feelings for one another have grown stronger. But I need to find a better way to describe our relationship.

“You have an ID that says you’re 19 years old but you’re actually 17½. At your age, what you need most is an educator and protector.”

Carly concedes, “When you figure out our relationship, please explain it to me. You have been a champion for every other need and desire of mine. Because I trust you and owe you everything, I will be patient.”