Carly Carpe Diem E6

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Diana slips out early in the morning to take information to the man who’s making the fake identification credentials for Carly (AKA Emma Jean). The new ‘adult’ wants to see the Pacific Ocean.

“Put a blouse on over your bikini and let’s go to the beach,” Diana says.

When they arrive, Carly admires, “I ain’t never seen’a ocean beach before. Can I put my feet in da water? It sure is pretty.”

“She sure is,” Diana confirms as she snaps a photo. “Enjoy yourself!”

“It feels cool. I like it!” Carly shouts.

“I’m glad you enjoy it. To arrive in Hollywood while there’s still daylight, we should leave and get some burgers and fries from a drive-thru.”

Running as fast as she can through the sand, Carly replies, “Hollywood? Ya ain’t gotta tell me twice! Did ya take a picture of my feet in the ocean water?”

“I sure did. Now that you have your new look, we should begin cataloging your travels for a scrapbook.”

Carly asks, “Tell me, is yer Carly sexy in a bikini?”

You’re the sexiest girl on this beach, and I have the photo to prove it.”

“But lemme hear ya say I’m yer Carly.”

“Of course you’re my Carly. Who else is taking care of you out here? You shouldn’t wear that bikini to Hollywood though. It will be easier to protect that pretty body when covered with jeans. Remember your tough trucker look. Let’s go back to the motel so we can change clothes and grab our gear.”

Eventually they reach the famous intersection of Hollywood and Sunset boulevards.

Diana parks her truck and gives Carly $300. “This is your cut of the haul. Don’t spend it all in one place. According to your ID, you’re an adult. You can’t walk into a store and ask me to buy stuff for you like a child.”

“Thanks. Where we going now?”

“We’re going into one of many shops in this city. You’ll be shocked and have questions about what you see. Don’t blow your adult cover by acting like a wide-eyed pubescent virgin. This is your first Hollywood role.

“Walk in like a tough biker and ask the person behind the counter if he or she has the device we talked about. Without blushing, say it like you know exactly what it is and how to use it.”

“Okay, I won’t let ya down dis time,” Carly says with confidence.

After making the purchase, Carly struts out ahead of Diana as if accomplishing something monumental. When they get a few doors down, Carly can’t contain herself. “Do women put all dem things inside themselves?”

“From what I heard a couple of aisles away, you handled that like a boss. But in answer to your question, yes, much of that goes inside women and some men too!”

“What does dat feel like?” asks the curious Carly.

“Remember what I told you. Distinguish public and private conversations. The chains, whips and handcuffs are for a future discussion.” Diana cautions.

Softly, Carly says, “I see lots of gay folks here, and prostitutes. Some’s sleepin’ on’da streets.”

“Individuals here get increasingly more provocative to stand out from others who are flamboy­ant. The shop cashier was a female imper­sona­tor. There are some transgenders with sex reassignment surgery that are very convincing. You could end up marrying a man that used to be a woman.

“The sights and sounds and smells are things you need to experience. Because when the time comes, this is the life you must assimilate and transcend to become a Hollywood star.”

“I don’t understand all yer words, but it’s not what I expected,” Carly says with disappointment.

“Here’s your next assignment. Find an acting agent.”

“How’d I do that?” Carly responds with shock.

“You have one hour to figure it out. Here’s a prepaid phone. It has a GPS app on it so I can keep track of you. Search the internet, ask someone on the street, or look at the building directories.”

Fifty minutes into her assignment, Carly discovers that many locals ignore her request for help. Those that respond have ulterior motives. “A homeless guy offered to be my agent for $20. Another man in a car ignored my question and offered me $100 for a half hour’s work. A pair of female prostitutes offered me a two-for-one special. Another said her pimp’s an agent.”

“I hope you didn’t earn any money during this time.” Looking at her watch, Diana announces, “Your hour is up. To be fair, if you lived here, you would have more time. But this should give you a taste of what you’re up against. These are streets you’ll be walking every day until you make it as a star.

“Only a small percentage of those struggling on the streets maintain their morality. It’s something to think about. We’ve been away from my truck cab long enough. Let’s head back to it.”

“I learnt so much from’ya in just ten days. My head explodes thinking ‘bout what I’ll know in seven months. Right now, I’m curious how dis thing I bought feels. I don’t want no man to get’yer Carly.”

“I’ll leave you to discover that on your own. When you get to a private bathroom stall, follow the instructions on the package. How many did you buy?”

“Three dozen. Ya think it’s enough?”

“They’re expensive to wear every day. Subtracting for your periods, that will last a couple of months,” Diana replies.

“Will we be back by then?”

“Not likely. We end up where the job leads us.”

“I’m gonna get another three dozen. Ya need something while I’m dere?”

“You just might spend all your money in one place. Here’s another $100. I did see something curious you could get for me. It’s shaped like a…” Diana whispers the description in Carly’s ear.

Blushing, Carly replies, “Okay, but’ya gonna show me how to use dat!”


On the road again, Diana tests Carly with a new game. As they spot hitchhikers ahead on the highway, she asks Carly to assess the dangers of picking them up before the truck passes them by.

Carly points out a man that could be trouble for them. “Did you see the size of that backpack? He could have a chainsaw and rifle tucked inside.”

Diana replies, “You do realize that it’s exactly the size of yours when I picked you up”

“No it’s not! I had a leathery purse thing.”

Then she notices a young lady in her early twenties. “Those short pants exposing her thighs and low-cut blouse are begging for trouble. Should we pick her up?”

“Are you sure it’s a young lady? Prostitutes and transexuals are not exclusive to Hollywood. Many work the highways and truck stops for the pleasure of lonely truckers.

“Girls who grow up without a caring family are particularly vulnerable to adopting the lifestyle for easy money at the expense of personal dignity. In case you didn’t catch the reference, that means girls with backgrounds like yours.”

“Got it—wasn’t subtle. Your Carly’s destine to be a whore,” Carly acknowledges.

“Will you give up your seat or risk your cargo? These are all things to consider before pumping the brakes and opening the door to your home. On the road, my truck is our house.”

“I really appreciate ya letting me in your home. I’ll be alert if someone is a little too friendly at a truck stop. How’d ya know to trust me?”

“Your southern drawl is creeping back. Remember to say ‘you,’ not ‘ya.’ I went by my gut and years of experience. Of course I was also prepared to slice you open and kick your body out the door if necessary.”

“I can believe that! You showed it with the thigh test.”

“I can tell that your vocabulary is improving. There are a couple of new books in the glove box. One is about U.S. geography with points of interest in each state. It is very useful for trucking. Manage your time how you want, but you should complete them within a week.”

“Sometimes this feels more like a school bus than a semi,” Carly acknowledges. “But no disrespect. I’m grateful and will complete my assignment.”


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