Carly Carpe Diem E5

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Henceforth, Emma Jean is using the pseudonym Carly Diem.

They arrive at dusk on the first of three nights in a motel. Carly showers and prepares to sleep in one of two twin beds. She climbs under all the covers wearing full underwear, pants, a T-shirt and robe. By the time Diana exits the bathroom, Carly is asleep.

The next morning, the two go shopping for clothes that will craft Carly’s new look. Diana colors and asymmetrically shaves Carly’s hair. Then she shows her how to layer her clothes. “I see what ya mean wit’dese button-fly jeans. It takes fo’evah to hook an’unhook'em. What if I hafta pee real bad?”

“Plan ahead, sister. You’re a tough biker now.” Diana has Carly stand against the wall and snaps some portrait photos. “Let’s go!” she says urgently.

“Where we goin’. If yer takin’ ransom photos, my mamma ain’t got no money.”

“No, silly. We need to order your fake ID so it will be ready when we leave.”

“Oh, I forgot.” Standing in front of a full-length mirror, Carly says, “My Ma wouldn’t recognize me on this street. Do ya like the look?”

“People from your past should not recognize you. That’s kind of the point of a new identity. To me, you look rather hot. You’ll fit right in with the Hollywood scene.”

“Thank ya, ain’t nobody called me hot before. Is ya happy wit’ how yer Carly turnt out? I is yer Carly, right?”

“Yes, my Carly. You’re looking better than I expected—like a real trucker.”

“I like it too and ain’t gonna disappoint ya. Where can I get them bear traps—not for ya, but so no man gets yer Carly?” she asks.

“That’s not what they’re called. But you can put that on your Hollywood shopping list,” replies the mentor. “Now, let’s get moving!”


It is getting late. The two females with a week-long friendship must prepare for bed. Carly wants some fresh air while building confidence in her new persona inspired by a Marilyn Monroe obsession. She tells Diana that she’s going to get a soda pop from the vending machine.

“Be careful and hurry back. I’ll be in the shower,” Diana says before entering the bathroom with a 6-inch blade and the door ajar to hear when Carly returns. After showering, she applies deodorant, brushes her teeth, and wraps herself with a robe.

While outside their motel room sipping soda, Carly is trying to get into character by flinging her hair and swinging her hips as she paces. Some men walking by whistle at Carly. This gives her more confidence.

Carly tries to hold back a smile while giving them a steely gaze. She then slips back inside before the situation escalates. The door shuts behind her in time to hear Diana shout from the bathroom, “Your turn!”

Carly grabs some fancy panties she’s outgrown and heads to the shower. Three minutes later, she emerges barefoot, still wearing her bra and jeans. “Help me unbutton my pants, please.”

After assistance, Carly showers with the door halfway open, repeating to herself, “I’m her Carly. I’m her Carly. Be brave bout dis.” Then she puts on panties beneath a robe before brushing her teeth and running her fingers through her damp hair.


Through the half-open door, she sees Diana’s robe draped across a bed. Before Carly gets completely into her Marilyn Monroe character, her eyes catch Diana standing bare-chested in front of the dresser mirror, slowly rubbing her breasts with circular motions.

Carly stares speechless for a moment before reacting, “If you need some time to ya’self, I can go back in’da bathroom for awhile.

“No, you should see this,” Diana replies.

Carly’s eyes pop wide open as she says, “I don’t understand what… or why I’m watchin’. What’s happening?”

“This is something a woman should perform about once a month. It’s called a breast self-examination or BSE.” Ignoring Carly’s dismay, Diana continues speaking with a calm voice while facing the mirror, “I am using my fingertips to feel for new lumps. There are some that I am familiar with that have already been checked out. This is to prevent breast cancer.”

Carly decides to ask, “Should I be doin’ it wit’ya?”

“Cancer is more frequent in older people, but it can occur among young women. In youth, your breasts are more firm and dense. This makes it more difficult to feel lumps. But it is still good practice.”

The two women stand facing each other bare-chested. “I ain’t want no cancers in my boobs” Carly entreats, “Teach me.”

“Please step back a little. I prefer that you watch and copy. It is best to stand in front of a mirror, but you can also do it while showering or laying in bed.”

Trying to focus on the lesson, after a few circular motions, Carly says with frustration. “I don’t know what it should feel like!” Carly begs, “Do me, please.”

Diana then says, “Okay, raise your arms.” Diana begins palpating Carly while explaining, “This is something your gynecologist may perform, but not as frequently as you can do yourself…. I don’t feel anything out of the ordinary. But you need to get to know your own breasts.”

Getting a waft of floral scents, Diana asks, “Is that perfume you’re wearing?”

“Do’ya like it?” Carly asks while sticking her chest out further.

“To be candid, you could tone down the perfume and your provocative behavior this evening.”

I wasn’t expectin’ this lesson but I liked it.” Carly then begs, “Teach me something else!”

“We need to give each other some space. That’s your lesson for the day. I’ve been doing a lot of driving.” Diana walks over to the bed and lays down on top of the comforter.

Carly follows and stands over her to ask, “Should we put somethin’ on?”

Ignoring Carly’s provocative overtures, Diana replies, “Bras are designed to support you when you’re vertical. I don’t wear them when I sleep.” Looking up, she continues, “You can put your robe back on if you don’t have pajamas.”

They each lay on separate twin beds watching television with their hands clasped behind their heads. Carly curiously rolls her eyes toward Diana, as if waiting for something to happen.

With heavy eyelids, Diana breaks the silence with the words, “If you see me performing a BSE behind the seats in the truck, don’t freak out.”

“Same,” Carly replies softly.

Using the remote control, Carly finds a Marilyn Monroe movie. Then, Carly falls asleep.


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