Carly Carpe Diem E3

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⚠️ Use Discretion: Mature dialogue. Begin story here.
By Kevin RR Williams



It is nearing 10 o’clock in the morning when Diana and Emma leave the diner.

In the truck, Diana says, “I called you Jean because you’re a runaway. Whether your mother wants you or not, I can be charged with kidnapping.”

“But I ran away.”

“It doesn't make a difference to the law. Until you think of a better stage name, you’ll be Jean for now. I know some people who can make you up a good ID card. We should also change your hair color.”

“I’ve learnt more dis morning than my whole life.”

“I don’t have any children, but I’ve been a teenage girl before. If you’re ready, I’m going to share some facts of life that you may feel uncomfortable talking about.”

“Okay, I’m ready.”

“Let’s start with your clothing. Dress in a way that does not draw attention to private areas. That means no shorts, skirts, or tights.

“That’s not a question you should be asking. But the short answer is no.”

“I recommend button-fly jeans. They take more effort to unhook when you take a leak. That corresponds to more time for someone else to yank them down without your permission. I’ll buy you a couple pair.”

“Thanks, ma’am.”

“What I tell you about those courtesies. Call me ‘Diana’.”

“Okay, Diana.”

“You should also wear a fitness bra. Over that, wear a loose sweater to hide what little cleavage you seem proud of. On the road, we aim for androgynous.”

“What’s dat mean?”

“It means that people are not sure whether you’re a girl or a boy.”

“Excuse me, I got another question.”

“Spit it out, child.”

“If we act like, ya know… a couple, at truck stops… I’m just asking… does it stop in’da truck? I mean, is it like 24 hours, or just when we eatin’?”

“I’ll let you decide.”

“By ‘in’da truck,’ I mean… are we… or, do’ya expect me to do some stuff couples do… wit’ya… or if I fall asleep… will’ya…?”

“You seem very concerned about me doing something unexpected.”

“Well, yeah. Yer so… I can’t figure ya out. Tell me up front. I just don’t want no surprises.”

Sex Education

“Has your mamma taught you about the birds and the bees?”

“It’s’posed to be related to sex, but it don’t make no sense, unless’da bird’s gotta long beak.”

“It’s a symbolism for explaining human reproduction to young children. Bees pollinate flowers and birds hatch eggs. That represents the man fertilizing eggs within a woman who gives birth.”

“I seen enough movies to know dat when a man goes to bed with a woman an’da lights go out, she gets pregnant.”

“That’s a start. But you need a crash course in the hitchhiker’s guide to sex education. Sex can be beautiful and mutually satisfying when two people are in love. Without a loving arrangement, one person—usually the man—gets all the joy and the woman ends up raising a child for 18 to 20 years or longer.

“Not all sex results in pregnancy. At an optimum time during the month, you ovulate. This is when your eggs are basically shouting ‘come and get me.’ You might even feel a bit horny. When the time passes, you expel the eggs through menstruation. That’s your period.”

“Wow, nobody never learnt me none of dat.

When two virgins get married, the chances for disease are minimal if both remain clean.”

“I’m a virgin!” Emma boasts.

“That’s some news you may wish to keep to yourself on the road. Sometimes telling others you have infections can prevent them from violating you. Most of the time you can just evade the question. Let me hear you do it…. Are you a virgin?”

“I could be—?”

“That’s better. Try saying, ‘As virgin as a Catholic schoolgirl.’”

“What’s that mean? Aren’t they s’posed to be virgins, cause of religion?”

“They’re supposed to be. You’re giving an answer that makes the person ponder. So, I ask again…. Are you a virgin?”

“As virgin as a Catholic schoolgirl,” Emma answers while blushing.

Have you ever been to a gynecologist?”

“Is dat a lady doctor?”

“It’s a doctor for ladies that could be male or female. You lay down on a bench and spread your legs while they shine a light up your wahoo.”

“Naw, I’ve never let nobody do dat!”

“Well, as bad as it sounds, it’s a necessary part of a woman’s sexual health that usually begins around age 13. Gynecologists treat diseases and assist with pregnancies. We might need to find you one in due time.”

“I ain’t lookin’ forward to it.”

“While we’re on the subject of probing your privates, I must warn you against satisfying your personal desires in the backseat while I am driving.

“It would be weird if you were an adult. But it becomes a criminal offense with a minor. So if you have them urges, let me know so I can take a walk outside. No need to apologize or make excuses.”

“Yeah, ma’am. I mean Diana. If it ain’t too much trouble, can’ya pull over now?”

Back in the truck after an adequate break, Diana affirms, “So… you’ll require about 20 minutes each time?”

"I never been on no timer. Can we round it off to half hour?

Diana confirms before getting off the subject, “Okay, 30 minutes and you should be dressed and sitting in the passenger seat. Now, we need to talk about defensive measures if someone tries to attack you.”

“Like putting dere hand on my thigh?”

“Yes, and other ways. Some people try to drug you so you’re defenseless. Others may threaten you to comply by using harsh words, fists, or weapons. You need to be alert and determine the best way to handle each situation. When you’re part of a team, your mistakes jeopardize me.”

“How should I react?”

“Don’t drink anything if you loose eye contact with the glass. Your best defense is a loud scream. This works better when other people are around. Fear can cause a man to loose his desire, and become more concerned with fleeing before being caught with his pants down.”

“Should I scream on’da side of da road?”

“You can. Someone may hear but you need a backup plan.”

“Like what?”

“You might scratch, bite, slap, or kick the attacker in the shin or privates.”

“What if he hits back?”

“That is always a possibility. And some men like to fight. Sometimes you need to act like you’re willing to submit until he is in a vulnerable position. I once had to spray a man’s eyes and privates with mace.”

“Wow! What’s mace?”

“It’s a spray that burns like chili peppers. I’ll get you some from a truck stop.”

“Thanks, but ya also gotta knife. Is dat why ‘Lady Blade’ is painted on’yer truck?”

“Actually, I collect knives.

“Yikes! Does it poke’ya?”