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OEM REPLACEMENT: To prevent shattering during transit, DeuPair Frames come with this clear film overlay instead of glass. Options are more flexible than difficult-to-recycle acrylic or Lucite (Plexiglas). For protection against scratches, overlays arrive with disposable thin sheeting on both sides that should be removed before hanging. If the thin 0.02" recyclable PETG film overlay becomes damaged, you may order a replacement. The 0.03" thick crystal clear fully recyclable polycarbonate film overlays are not scratchproof but come with a 5-year outdoor-use warranty against warping or discoloration, lasting much longer indoors. They are ideal for large quantities to prevent frequent overlay replacement. Standard size for DeuPair Pocket Frames (top-load and side-load) is 20x26 inches. DeuPair Flip Frame overlays are fractionally larger for same price.

A 0.07" glass option is available. It is less prone to scratching and more tolerant of chemicals with frequent surface wiping and sanitizing. The disadvantage is that it requires special packing and shipping insurance because it is likely to break during transit. Extra care must be used to prevent cuts or breakage during poster insertion.

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